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Kate Middleton: News of twins on the way – real or just publicity stunt?

Kate Middleton and Prince Charles are extremely happy with their little bouncing royal baby boy, Prince George. It is true that the couple in Kensington decided long ago that they would love to have three children together. Now the news is being flooded with a story from OK Magazine that Kate is pregnant with twins.

Will the Royal family be growing sooner than later?
OK Magazine

The Gossip Cop revealed today, March 5 that the Duchess and Prince William told a source the following statement: “Wills told the queen he’d love to have at least two daughters. With all the boys in his family, he really wants to even up the balance.”

As to the news that is shocking the world about Kate being pregnant with twins is just a story at this point. Kate isn’t expecting at least there is no official word from Buckingham Palace to support this would be exciting news to the world.

It seems that this may be just a ploy from the tabloid to boost readership or just another angle to promote a publicity stunt. No one knows for sure. It seems that this has happened before when a news story was run about Kate moving out which was also untrue and just another rumor.

It would be a wonderful story and life-changing experience for Kate and William if this was true. They are wonderful parents and deeply show their love to each other and to their son and would have more than enough to share with all the children they do have or plan to have in the future.

Kate truly would love to have a daughter and we can only hope that when the couple decides to have another child her wish will come true. Now everyone should let them enjoy their time with Prince George and not rush them. They will know when the right time is for the next baby to come along.

Kate and William – enjoy your days and family time always!

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