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Kate Middleton leaves store owner relaxed, impressed and with 15 minutes of fame

Kate Middleton stops by and surprises a shop owner as she does her own shopping to decorate her country home!
Kate Middleton stops by and surprises a shop owner as she does her own shopping to decorate her country home!

Kate Middleton is not your typical royal family member and she’s proven this time and time again by doing things herself instead of delegating a task to a member of the royal family staff. Her tendency to do much of her own shopping has surprised many unsuspecting shop owners and employees in the past and she’s done it again, according to E Online on March 25.

Kate wants a bit of her own influence in the redecorating of their Anmer Hall country estate. After all, Prince William, Kate and Prince George are the new generation and they are the trio who will use this country home for decades into the future.

Kate once again surprises a shop owner as she drops in all alone and unannounced to pick out a couple of oriental rugs for the country estate’s bedrooms. Often when celebrities shop their camps will call ahead to give the store a heads-up that they are coming. Kate wasn't looking for any special treatment, she just wanted to look at the rugs she had seen on Knight's website.

The future queen was alone except for the royal protection officer with her and she shopped without any commotion or fanfare. The owner of Knights Oriental Rugs is Simon Knight, who had the privilege of helping Kate out with finding her selections.

She told Simon that she had been looking at the store’s website and that she had seen a couple of Oriental rugs that she liked. Kate had stopped in to see the rugs up close.

Apparently she liked what she saw because she purchased two Turkish kilim rugs, “one was a soft red and another soft ivories with soft blues, pastel colors,” according to the enthusiastic shop owner. Kate’s interaction with Simon really impressed him, saying that it is easy to see that Kate is an educated woman.

The royal beauty spent about an hour in the store before making her purchase. She told Simon that she was “furnishing a Georgian home.” She told him that the Turkish kilim rugs were going into two bedrooms in the country home.

Simon was impressed on just how relaxed Kate made him feel. “If you didn't know she was a member of the royal family you'd just think she was a very pleasant young lady," this is what Simon took away with him from his time with Kate.

One day when Kate sits on the throne besides the future King William, Simon can tell his grandchildren the story of one of his most famous customers. Simon also gets his 15 minutes of fame today after spending an hour with Kate Middleton.

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