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Kate Middleton is not pregnant with twins, Exhibit A:Kate Middleton style parade

As the Royal Couple Prince William and Kate Middleton settle into the status quo stage of their relationship, settling into a new marriage home, job changes, and the like, Royal watchers are watching every move. And many with very close eyes on this Royal Couple are finding little to talk about at this stage of their relationship, so what else to whisper about other than the never ending Kate Middleton pregnancy rumor mill. It is an era very reminiscent of the honeymoon stage of the relationship before the birth of the third in line to the throne. As soon as he "put a ring on it" the rumours were swirling at full throttle, until finally. She was pregnant. Now that Prince William and Kate Middleton are raising a toddler, the Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors are reaching another peak. In fact, every Royal watcher knows the real truth about those rumors. The Kate Middleton pregnant with twins rumours have been whirling since barely moments after Prince George was born. From the moment Kate Middleton and her doting husband Prince William left the doors of the Lindon Wing of St. Mary's in Paddington the third in line to the throne in their arms, the rumors have been building to a crescendo. And now they climb again. This time it is Vanity Fair reporting on July 8 that Kate Middleton is not pregnant with twins, but may be very soon, a rumour that comes on the heels of the Royal Couple and the ever so brilliant Prince George gracing the cover of Vanity Fair.

Kate Middleton Style 2014, Alexander McQueen
Photo by WPA Pool/Getty Images

What is a Prince who only makes $40 k a year and has a wife that wants a $2 million dollar kitchen to do? Just smile and wave, Prince William, smile and wave, a Royal duty he performs so well. This is probably his response after the most recent report that his wife is pregnant with twins again.

Vanity Fair has reported on July 8 that insiders to the Royal family have dished some intriguing details and insider secrets about the relationship we know and love as the Royal Couple, and the beautiful Prince George. The new nanny that has come into the picture since March was discussed, and began her bonding with Prince George when Kate Middleton and Prince William enjoyed their second honeymoon in the Maldives earlier this year.

If there are any signs that this relationship is slowing down or getting boring, the Royal couple certainly isn't showing it. Overall they are trying to maintain as normal a life as possible, according to Vanity Fair. This includes job duties, home renovations, and living the married life trying to keep Prince George as "normal" as possible.

In addition to a new nanny with "experience in self-defense…and dealing with the paparazzi", Prince George's "normal life" also includes play-dates with chums from Kate's school years, according to Vanity Fair. Vanity Fair is also saying that Royal "couple's friends" are hinting the couple want to "try this Summer" for a sibling for Prince George.

It's the closest confirmation any Royal watcher is going to get on the Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors at this time. Anything else, is pure speculation. But yet every day it seems someone else is reporting that this time, "Kate Middleton is pregnant with twins."

After recent spottings at the Tour de France and Wimbledon this seems almost inconceivable. The latest rungs of the rumour mill are, and have been suggesting for some time, that the pregnancy was conceived during the Royal Couple's Spring tour of Australia. That would be the tour that occurred almost three months ago, or in pregnancy time, 12 weeks.

The Kate Middleton style parade that has occurred since that Royal sighting is the most compelling evidence against the never-ending pregnancy rumors. Like a good future Queen in a struggling economy, Kate Middleton has been spotted recycling more ensembles than ever before. That she could possibly be fitting two babies that are allegedly already three months along into outfits she wore before she got pregnant the first time, is what remains so inconceivable.

Her most recent spotting at Wimbledon was captured by InStyle magazine this week on July 7. Kate Middleton appeared at Wimbledon in one of Royal watcher's favorites, an emerald Erdem coat she paired with a Suzannah tea frock she had worn during her visit to the Children's Hospice in New Zealand. On the Sunday prior, she donned the basket weave print dress by Jonathan Saunders that was a repeat from when she wore it in the Jubilee Tour of 2012.

Hello Magazine also spotted Kate Middleton style recycled at Wimbledon on July 2 when the adorable white linen by Zimmerman made another appearance after its first during the Australian tour. And last month one of her favorite McQueen's came out on a solo visit to Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire as spotted by Ok Magazine. This time it was the saucy nautical inspired two piece Alexander McQueen she offered to Royal watchers after its first appearance in 2011 at the Summerfield Community Centre.

At the Duke of Edinburgh's 93rd birthday at Buckingham Palace last month, another favored Alexander McQueen came out to play, with Kate Middleton in nude cocktail attire and simply breathtaking.

It is simple science, a woman that is pregnant with twins can not possibly fit into the tailored and structured lines of a pencil skirt she wore in 2011 before her first child was born. The whispers whirl even stronger when she is spotted as she often is holding her hand to her stomach area. Could it be morning sickness?


Maybe what? Maybe she just doesn’t like chicken?

Even that the lovely Kate Middleton can still wear it all today is one of the reasons Royal watchers love her so. If Vanity Fair is correct that this relationship is about to take another turn in an effort to provide family friends for Prince George, Royal watchers should expect to have their tastes satiated on this topic perhaps sometime around Thanksgiving. Until then, the whispers are fun all the same.

What do you think? Do you think Prince William and Kate Middleton's relationship is going to get more normal than ever with baby #2? Do you think that Kate Middleton is pregnant with twins?

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