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Kate Middleton intriguing reveal plucked from family tree

Kate Middleton has a family secret that has just been revealed to the world via the Clarence House Twitter page. Kate's beautiful smile and that spark for life seen in her eyes was a gift to her through the family gene pool, which was passed down from her "granny" on her dad's side, according to E Online on June 18.

Kate Middleton got to see where her grandmother Valerie Middleton worked during WWII. Her grandmother worked at a "spy school."
Clarence House/ Twitter

Kate's grandmother's picture, seen above, is posted to the Twitter page that is dedicated to Kate's immediate family on the Clarence House Twitter account. Some very interesting information about her grandmother's background was recently revealed.

It seems that Kate isn't the first one in the family to dedicate herself to serving her country, as she does when representing the royal family. Valerie Glassborrow, who later became Valerie Middleton when she married British military pilot Peter Middleton in 1946, also dedicated herself to serving to Britain in her younger years.

Kate's grandmother's service was in a totally different capacity than Kate's, who has more of a celebrity status. The Duchess of Cambridge does mostly public relations work, which has boosted the reputation of the royal family to new heights.

In Kate's grandmother's case, what she did, she kept "very quiet" about, said Kate while talking about her grandmother in a recent video. Valerie Glassborrow, Kate's granny, worked at Britain's "spy school" during WWII, serving as a "civilian staff member" at the school, according to Hello Magazine.

Kate recently visited Bletchley Park, which was once the site of Britain's "spy school," to dedicate a new museum opening on the site. She had the chance to learn a little bit more about the importance of the institution during WWII and a little more about her grandmother from a woman who worked alongside of her.

The school has great historic value, not only for Great Britain, but for WWII. It was the U.K.'s Government Code and Cypher School, which was the code-breaking school for the country during the war.

The school was dubbed a "spy school" because of the work that went on behind closed doors as the site. This is where computer scientist Alan Turing became famous for cracking the Enigma Code in 1941. This is the code that was used to encrypt messages by Nazi Germany.

The cracking of this code was instrumental in Britain and its allies winning the war four years later. Kate's grandmother helped intercept enemy signals for Britain while working at the school.

For the royal baby watchers out there, you may be interested to know that Kate's granny, Valerie Middleton, had a twin sister. This means twins run in the Middleton family. The twin sister also worked with Valerie Middleton at Bletchley Park.

Kate's grandmother died at age 82 in 2006, so Kate had her grandmother in her life up until her mid-20s. She said that her grandmother didn't offer up too much information about the work she did at the school at Bletchley Park. Kate got to meet with a woman who worked side by side with her grandmother at the site.

Lady Marion Body, who is 90-years-old, and she was impressed by Kate's likeness to her grandmother. Body said she could see Valerie Middleton in Kate's "eyes." The day it was announced that the war in Europe had ended, Body was with Valerie and her twin sister when they got the news.

While at Bletchley Park taking in all the recent renovations, Kate got to see Hut 16, now named Hut-6, which was the location where Kate's grandmother worked. The Duchess of Cambridge got to walk back in time for a moment while touring the building where her grandmother was based.

Valerie Middleton's official title was "Duty Officer" and after all these years Kate got to hear just what her grandmother did during the war, as her grandmother was "very quiet" about her duties and what she did while at the "spy school."

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