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Kate Middleton has opinions over Prince William’s sudden job switch

It has been just a few weeks since the royal couple the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge enchanted the world during their Royal Australian tour by taking Prince George to the zoo and many other exciting adventures. Since then, the lovely Kate Middleton has been setting up a house fit for a future queen and her two Princes at Amner Hall on Sandringham Estate. The move from Kensington Palace to Amner Hall is one that is being touted as a transition move for the royal couple, as it also includes a major occupational change for Prince William according to the National Post May 26.

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The National Post reports that one year ago Prince William decided to leave the Royal Air Force (RAF) and discontinue his work as a pilot in order to pay more attention to full time royal duties. This decision came upon the birth of his son, the future King, and the need for Prince William to step down from a military life and be around home more for his family.

Today the National Post reports are confirmed by the Telegraph UK that the lure of the skies is beckoning Prince William again. Prince William has discussed his employment situation with the Queen, and is asking to step down from his royal duties as well and begin flying full time as an ambulance pilot for the East Anglian Air Ambulance Service.

The East Anglian Air Ambulance Service is reportedly more conveniently located closer to his new home at Amner Hall. The East Anglian Air Ambulance Service is also a non-profit group.

It is understood that Prince William has discussed the situation with royal aides and the Queen at length. It is a move that Prince Charles also reportedly supports, given Prince Charles’ regrets over himself having to leave “the Royal Navy too soon” .

According to the Business Standard, the East Anglian Air Service is a non profit agency that assists in the emergency transportation of the ill. The agency was launched in 2000 when founder Frankie Dettori, an Italian jockey reportedly survived a plan crash that should have been fatal.

If Prince William takes this position, he will be working on a rotation of 5 days on with 3 days off. It is a move that royal watchers are speculating likely makes his late mother Princess Diana very proud. Princess Diana was always known for including Prince William and Prince Harry on as many outings as possible where they could freely interact with “commoners”.

With this work, Prince William will be living as close to a “normal life” as he could get. Having Daddy closer to home for a solid three days a week is likely a move that has Kate Middleton very pleased as well. It might be one of the reasons she is reportedly so excited about setting up a home fit for a future Queen and her two Princes at Amner Hall on Sandringham Estate.

Despite her excitement, Kate likely has her misgivings about the Duke of Cambridge going back up in the air, especially if her recent thoughts to other Royal Air Force Wives are any indication of where she stands on the issue.

The Business Standard reports that a book for the Royal Air Force (RAF) wives is coming out this week with a forward written by Kate Middleton. In it she writes to other Air Force Wives, "I loved my time in Anglesey when William was serving with RAF search and rescue. I cannot pretend that I didn't feel anxious at times when William was on shift in howling gales, knowing that he was out flying in extremely challenging conditions, but he loved doing it and I always felt incredibly proud of him".

In addition to preparing for this epic job change, Kate Middleton is preparing the $2 million dollar décor plan of the future home of the future King, while also preparing for his first Royal Tour. She is also managing the stresses of the trial over the royal hacking of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

And while the Duchess of Cambridge has been doing so, she’s been forced to keep a number of rumours at bay like being held responsible for the infamous breakup between Cressida Bonas and Prince Harry. This rumor in addition to the relentless rumour mill of baby bumps that will continue to spin until her next Prince is born are just a few of Kate Middleton’s daily headlines and to-do items. Just another day in the life of the future Queen of England.

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