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Kate Middleton has bare butt exposed in German magazine photo scandal

Kate Middleton has another Marilyn Monroe incident captured on camera.
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

It is being reported today (May 27) by the NY Post's that a German media outlet is being lambasted for posting scandalous photos of the famous Duchess of Cambridge’s completely bare buttocks. Kate Middleton was out with Prince William on an excursion in Australia when the shocking photo was snapped. Apparently, the paparazzi shot was captured in April while the royal couple were simply walking together, away from the cameras. Suddenly, without any warning a huge gusty wind made its way up through Middleton's classy skirt, allowing her full fleshy bottom to be exposed and captured by the media.

The German celebrity tabloid, Bild am Sonntag released the "Marilyn Monroe-esque" photo of Kate Middleton, wearing a Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress. No stranger to skirt mishaps, Middleton was once photographed in Calgary, Canada with her skirt fully blown up for the cameras as well. These new photos of Middleton were pushed for sale to the British tabloids extensively. Bild won the bid and happily put out the new controversial stills.

Allegedly, the reps for the royal family are not pleased about this mishap and the release of the photos online. Many supporters and admirers of Middleton are up in arms and outraged over the sale and printing of the indecent photos. Many see this as a "breach of privacy" and are not happy with Bild for moving forward with the pressing. Unfortunately, for Bild, the royals have a filed lawsuit against Closer for the topless shots of Middleton they published back in 2012. Time will tell if Bild escapes legal action from one of the most famous and powerful families in Europe.

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