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Kate Middleton harbors secret woes when it comes to the Queen

Kate Middleton ready to take on the engagements that have her traveling solo for the royals.
Kate Middleton ready to take on the engagements that have her traveling solo for the royals.
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Kate Middleton and the Queen’s relationship is often described as strained, but that couldn’t be further from the truth, according a recent reveal. Kate’s love and respect for the Queen has only grown since she’s been welcomed by her husband's grandmother into the royal family.

Kate has been a godsend to the Queen and the Queen is a woman that Kate looks to for support while living this very elite life as a member of the royal family. As the Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests in an article on Aug. 17, Kate is very aware that the Queen is one of her biggest support systems when living life as a royal and she realizes the law of averages is working against the Queen’s when it comes to age.

As In Style reports, the days of Kate focusing on her fashion are waning, as she has more important things to think of these days. The daughter-in-law of Camilla, Sara Parker Bowles, who said that she is a good friend of Kate, said that when hanging out with Kate, it is obvious that while she looks good in her choice of clothes, there is so much more to her than fashion.

It seems as if Kate is gearing up for taking on more of the Queen’s responsibilities, like this solo trip that’s coming up soon. Her place within the royal family is one filled with responsibility and it looks as if she won’t let the Queen down. Of course Kate’s biggest and most endearing responsibility is to her son George, but she’s been able to do both with grace and in a way that makes the Queen proud.

Kate will use much of what she’s learned from the Queen in the future. The Queen taking Kate under her wing is a privilege awarded to Kate because she adores her newest granddaughter. This was not a privilege awarded to Camilla, who from all accounts will be the next female member of the royals to sit alongside her husband on the throne.

Besides Prince Harry, the Queen is her biggest source of support in the royal family outside of her husband William. It has been reported in the past that Camilla is a bit jealous of the Queen’s friendship with Kate, who is an outsider like Camilla.

Even with some of the trying times, such as Kate’s topless pictures hitting the media, the Queen has been there to support Kate and Camilla is fully aware of this. Kate realizes that when her 88-year-old friend, the Queen, does leave this world Kate’s treasured support system goes with her.

With the Queen slowly winding down the number of royal engagements she’s attending, Kate’s calendar is full of events, many where she will attend in the Queen’s place. This isn’t something that you see Camilla doing. Kate’s first solo trip outside of her country is coming up. She is going to Malta representing the Queen at the country’s celebration of their 50th anniversary of independence from the U.K. on this two-day trip.

This is big, but why haven’t we seen Prince Charles’ wife tapped for such a big trip representing the Queen? Is it because the Queen treasures Kate and feels she is better suited to represent the Queen?

Kate and the Queen have grown close, probably closer than most would have ever imagined when Kate first became part of the royals. Tradition has put the two women together in life’s events, but mutual admiration for each other allows Kate and the Queen to enjoy being family members.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, one of Kate’s worries is that when the Queen is no longer in this world that a very big piece of her support system inside the royal family will be missing, as well as a good friend.

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