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Kate Middleton gets royal welcome in New Zealand: A real eye-opener

Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince George arrived in New Zealand where they were ready to set tracks for the Government House in Wellington. Here they will get the chance to meet with all the dignitaries from the country and show off their little bundle of love, George as well as show just how proud they are to be parents.

Royal family touches down in New Zealand
Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Their arrival brought to them a surprise they probably didn’t plan on. According to news story released on April 7 by Hollywood Life the Duchess was greeted by one of the residents dressed in traditional Maori Warrior clothing.

The man was quite muscular, coved in tattoos, was wearing a thong and presented himself as a representative of the islands culture and dress. This may have been a shocking experience for the Duchess if the meeting wasn’t a planed event. Kate knew ahead of time that someone would be greeting her in the customary dress of the island of New Zealand. Even knowing this ahead of time it still was a real eye-opener having to witness his dress or undress as it may be in person.

Later on some of the New Zealanders broke into dance and asked William to join them in celebrating. The Prince took a pass on this chance and stood aside and watched as the Maori dancers performed their dance and voiced a traditional ancestral war cry as they danced.

Kate was wearing a similar coat to one that Princess Diana wore once upon a time. Although the coat and pill box type hat Kate wore was much more stylish and fitting to her way of dress. She looked beautiful in the outfit and the red color of the coat was a brightening shine to her looks. The fiery red was a great contrast to the white color clothing George was outfitted in for the day.

It is amazing how wonderful Kate looked after such a long flight. She is stunning no matter what she wears and is a sight to behold. She has a way of looking perfect even when the wind is blowing.

Enjoy your three week tour of New Zealand and Australia and the family time you’ll all have together on your trip!

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