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Kate Middleton: Fashion icon celebrity without media autonomy

Prince Charles has gotten himself back on the front pages but not for those things he believes is important. His interests should be focused on projects that affect and benefit the environment.

A new twist to "Charles in Charge"!
Scott Heavy and Peter Nicholls / Getty Images

Instead, he has put himself in the middle of everyone. Could this be a power move, a way to meddle or just a jealous emotion that is driving him to take control of all the media operations? On January 23 news reports by PRNewser say he consolidated to have one press office for the family, manage his children and their offspring as well as control the glamour stories that revolve around some of the royal family.

Kate Middleton and Prince William had their own office and media officials and seemed just fine handling all their affairs, projects as well as the press. They are a lovable couple with warm personalities unlike the stiff and cold approach the public has witnessed from others in the past. The people far and near enjoy their interactions, kind looks that also shows a wholesome truth when they speak.

Now with Charles in charge Kate and William will lose that media autonomy they have built up and had running smoothly. This will feel like a step backwards for them since everything will have to be reported to Prince Charles’ media director and most likely a final approval by Prince Charles himself.

The Duke and Duchess have been dubbed by the public as celebrities. They show the same emotions and actions as Princess Diana did shoeing the world they are ordinary people, human beings that just happen to have been born and married into royalty without inheriting the snobbish or callous looks and attitudes of family members before them. Their own traits are what everyone wants to see, hear and feel in their hearts towards the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Do you think they will be forced to change who they are and show a stuffy side to their personalities in the future?

Will they continue to be in the limelight and public eye for more than just charity events and special projects?

How do you think these changes will affect Prince Charles and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s relationship?

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