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Kate Middleton far from 'constructed' or 'doll-like': Marches to her own drummer

Kate Middleton is a lot of different things to a lot of different people but concerns that Kate is being "constructed as the admirable, maternal , doll-like precious vessel" doesn't sound like the Kate who married Prince William. According to Mary Beard, she was worried that this is who Kate was becoming, but seeing her with a couple of gray hairs calmed her worries, reports The Mirror on Feb. 8.

Kate Middleton marches to the beat of her own drummer!
Photo by WPA Pool/Getty Images

Beard's concerns make it sound as if Kate's given up and is sacrificing herself to be molded into the royal's idea of perfection. Kate walks to a beat of her own drummer, this has been seen time and time again.

Her second-hand store shopping spree's and wearing clothes off the rack from the places where everyone else shops are just a few of the past occurrences in which Kate has shown her own true colors. The woman who would "Princess Kate," if not for the small obstacle of not coming from a royal bloodline, would rather tap into family ties to watch Prince George than a nanny.

Kate is probably like the rest of the women out there who become so busy with life that a few gray hairs slip through before there's time for a touch-up. Beard suggests that Kate "should not feel pressured to hide the inevitable signs of aging." Kate didn't event hair color or makeup, she just uses it like the majority of her peers.

While Kate's roots of gray hair gave Beard of glimmer of hope, others admire Kate for keeping with her family roots. She doesn't appear to be a woman who forgot where she came from. She also doesn't seem like a woman who would let herself be molded into a "doll-like precious vessel."

Kate was just an ordinary RAF wife for the first few years of her marriage, relocating to a rented home near where her husband was stationed. She shopped and dined among the locals and as far as special treatment goes, she's never made the headlines for expecting to be treated differently.

The headlines usually reflect her tendency to act like everyone else. If anything is going to change with Kate cemented deep into the royal family, it will probably be seen in the people around her. She's done wonders for the royal family's popularity and her down to earth persona seems to have rubbed off on the once stand-offish brood of regal folks.

Check out the video above to get a glimpse of Kate's fabulous life so far.

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