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Kate Middleton eyes country living: Where does she want to hang her fascinator?

Kate Middleton is planning to get out from under the watchful eye of her son's great-grandmother, the Queen, by moving her small royal family about 100 miles away, rumor has it today. This very well may be another rumor circling the drain, but there is always that possibility with Kate and William planning to grow their family that Kate has her heart set on moving to the countryside, suggests Classicalite on June 25.

Kate Middleton has a slew of places she could call home, but the country might best suit her.
Photo by WPA Pool/Getty Images

More specifically it is the country house given to William for his 30th birthday by the Queen, Anmer Hall, that Kate is rumored to have her sights set on as the place she wants to raise her family. Kate's parenting ideas would best fit in with Anmer Hall, which is out in the country and 100 miles away from London. The rumors that Kate is sporting a baby bump have run rampant for some time now, but nothing official has come from the palace.

Not everyone sees William and Kate moving to the country as claims that Kensington Palace will be the family's home for years to come are coming from a palace aid. According to the Express today, the royals are planting their feet at Kensington Palace until William becomes King, which wouldn't happen until Prince Charles gets his turn on the throne. Charles will be king until his retirement or death. This means there will be another few decades or so that Kate and William will be calling Kensington home.

The newly remodeled 21-room apartment in Kensington Palace has all the modern conveniences, except the crisp country air. With William and Kate putting more royal engagements on their schedules these days, it only stands to reason that London would make the best home base for them. As far as Anmer Hall, maybe it will be Kate and William's equivalent to the Queen's Balmoral Castle where she spends her summers. Then Kate would have both country and city living for her son, and future children.

As far as Kate being under the "watchful eyes of the Queen," and wanting to get away from this, that is hard to believe. It is not as if they live on top of one another and the Queen is still extremely busy with her royal duties to play a doting great-grandmother full time. While rumor often puts the Queen and Kate at odds, some say they get along just fine and the Queen is quite happy with her granddaughter-in-law.

So who is planning to change residence when the monarch changes hands from the Queen to Prince Charles? Buckingham Palace will always be the home for the monarch, so it looks as if Charles and Camilla will move in when he is seated on the throne, but for now they will continue living in Clarence House.

So who will live in Clarence House after Charles and Camilla move out? It could be that would open up to Prince Harry who is living in a small Kensington apartment right now, which is big enough for him, but not for a family when he takes a wife.

A senior palace aid said they don't know for sure what will happen to Clarence House when Charles and Camilla move on up, but they are sure that Buckingham Palace will always be the home of the head of the monarch. Suggestions made previously had Charles and Camilla using Buckingham Palace as their office, but living elsewhere. While it has been talked about, that is not expected to happen.

As far as when it is William and Kate's turn to enter Buckingham Palace as their residence, that's way too long into the future to attempt a prediction of Kate opting not to move into the rambling palace. Buckingham Palace has been the official royal residence since 1837. The Clarence House was built between 1825 and 1827.

It looks as if the royals will never be hard-pressed to find a place to live. They have an overabundance of residences to fill, which are all very stately and filled with ancestral history.

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