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Kate Middleton: Duchess Kate isn't getting sympathy from everyone over photo

Duchess Kate doesn't have full sympathy of the press for her own actions.
Duchess Kate doesn't have full sympathy of the press for her own actions.
Photo by WPA Pool/Getty Images

Kate Middleton isn't getting sympathy from everyone regarding the scandalous photo that was splashed on a German tabloid magazine. The picture of Duchess Kate seen walking away from a helicopter in Australia shows her dress blowing straight up because propellers behind her stirred up a strong wind.

Weighted hems were one of the queen's requests to Middleton when she allegedly talked to her about improvements she needed to make in her wardrobe. Oops. Looks like Kate "blew" off her royal mother-in-law's advice.

According to Daily Telegraph May 28:

"Why would the cheeky French, German and American media, with no Commonwealth ties to Britain, be ­expected to honour such an antiquated code of ­etiquette? Why should the media be responsible for turning a blind eye when the royals aren’t always vigilant about keeping themselves nice?

"It becomes difficult to argue the necessity of honouring 'do not publish' conventions when royals like Prince Harry are photographed cavorting naked in Vegas with buxom women.

"When Kate was photographed sunbathing topless on a French balcony in 2012, the royals made a sound argument magazine Closer should not have published photos taken on a private estate. There is a very clear distinction between private and public property."

The writer further noted that when Kate Middleton is at a public function or walking down the street, the expectation of respecting privacy isn't there as if she was on vacation like she was in 2011 when a photographer snapped an image of her topless in southern France.

Duchess Kate might not have these types of incidents again after this latest wardrobe issue. As Daily Telegraph wrote, why should the media be responsible for Kate Middleton not assuring this type of thing didn't happen to her?

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