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Kate Middleton deems cuddle session a favorite picture of George: Why this one?

Kate Middleton deems this her favorite picture of George from recent tour.
Getty Images/ Simon Woolf

Kate Middleton and baby George were seen in probably thousands of pictures while they were away in New Zealand and Australia with Prince William. Out of all the pictures that were snapped, Kate reveals she has a favorite, according to Hello Magazine on April 27.

After seeing the picture above, most moms can understand why the picture of George nuzzling mom's shoulder while hugging her with that impish smile on his face is her favorite. At nine-months-old, there's no debating who George's favorite girl is, that's his mom.

According to the L.A. Times today, this picture was taken in New Zealand's Government House in Wellington back on April 9. The photographer also supplied a black and white photo of the same pose for Kate and she just loved it.

This picture was taken during a play-date that George attended, which was organized by the New Zealand Government during their trip. George might have shied away from the crowd in this picture, but when he was down on the ground with the other kids, he took in the lay of the land then ruled it!

When he saw a toy that fascinated him, George claimed it for himself. He wasn't going to be the kid on the sidelines. Professional photographer and Wellington City Councilor, Simon Woolf, snapped many pictures of Kate, William and George, but it is this one picture that Kate was most fond of.

Woolf was the official New Zealand government photographer during their visit, so he was allowed most anywhere the royals went. While these pictures were adorable, the pictures of George at the zoo with the Bilby were also priceless.

At one point during the trip, Kate, William and George were slated to pose for a family photo, but that didn't happen. In lieu of a family portrait, the new parents opted to let George sleep an extra half-hour longer.

So what does that cuddly picture of Kate and George say about the mother and son of the royal set? For one thing it is so natural and normal it can take your breath away. That semi-grin that George is sporting while on mom's shoulder has shades of dad mixed in. Can't you just see William in George with that grin highlighted and that slight twinkle in his eye?

William has a tendency to closely guard his smile at times, but it comes through anyway as the corner of his mouth turns up just so and his eye has an emphasized twinkle about it. This is something you see when his using his dry sense of humor and composing himself so as not to laugh outright.

Kate, who wears her grin for the world to see, couldn't hide it if she tried. So it looks like it is William's smile that little George is demonstrating while on Mom's shoulder.

It could be that Kate loves this picture the best because George is showing signs of dad's personality. It is a great rendition of like father, like son! Kate on the other hand gets to say that George is looking like he's mama's boy in this picture, one she will no doubt cherish forever. This is the age mom's just love a mama's boy.

No matter what George was thinking in this picture, he looks like he feels, safe, sound and so very happy in the arms of his mom with dad surveying the surroundings. It is a beautiful picture of the new generation of the royals.

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