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Kate Middleton Day: The Duchess of Cambridge celebrates her birthday

The whole world is a twitter so to speak just aching to join in if they can to celebrate the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton’s birthday. She was born on Jan. 9 and friends, family and fans are all interested in what she may be doing or will they get a peek at her on her special day.

“In past years, Will has presented Kate with thoughtful gifts such as pearl earrings and a diamond brooch."
“In past years, Will has presented Kate with thoughtful gifts such as pearl earrings and a diamond brooch."
De Beers Diamond Jewelers
Happy Birthday Kate Middleton!
Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Kate Middleton does have plans for her special day. According to news reports from E! Online and the International Business Times on Jan. 8 state that Kate will be spending much of her day with her mother, Carole Middleton. Carole has been shopping in London for her daughter’s birthday gift. She was spotted at Peter Jones browsing items from the Lancôme counter as last minute items to complete her gift package.

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One of the biggest interests is what the Prince will be giving his Duchess? Prince William as you all know just left for St. John’s College to embark on another venue of higher education. Knowing he’ll be away for his brides’ special day is sad that they won’t be able to share a special day and evening together. Did Prince William already purchase something divine for his wife? Did he give her his gift already? Is there something special he ordered or is he waiting until they reunite to pick out a special gift together?

Well, we do know that Prince William did have something up his sleeve for Kate. It seems that William wants to surprise Kate with a secret meeting with U.S. singer Taylor Swift. He has set up a plan for the two to meet and we’re sure that Taylor will perform a song or two in her honor after she settles down from being greeted.

Kate on the other hand is planning a quiet day at Kensington Palace with her mother and son while William is away at school.

But that isn’t all, even though William left for school just days ago there is a chance that he may sneak back and join his family – wife and son for an intimate quiet family birthday celebration before returning back to his classes in agricultural management.

Some of the pieces that De Beers Diamond Jewelry thought would be the perfect gift for the birthday girl, Kate Middleton, are showcased in the slide-show attached they sent over for everyone to enjoy. These pieces include the following: “Wildflowers Tiara”, “Phenomena Frost Necklace”, “Phenomena Frost Bracelet”, “Phenomena Frost Earrings” and the “Enchanted Lotus Band”!

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Happy Birthday to the Duchess of Cambridge – Kate Middleton!

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