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Kate Middleton darkens tresses: An expensive day at the salon

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge has gotten some uncanny publicity regarding her hair lately. Although she was voted in a poll by Kerastase to be Britain’s hair icon earlier this year time eventually takes its toll on everyone, even Kate.

Britain's hair icon shows off her long locks!
Arthur Edwards / Getty Images

Although Kate is only thirty-one years old, with an upcoming birthday on Jan. 9 any woman so young and in the spotlight all the time would want to always look her best before photographers could snap photos of her. According to Fashion and Style on Jan. 6 this wasn’t the case. It seems the paparazzi spotted some gray hairs on the Duchess.

Even though the change in hair color for everyone is a natural occurrence as you get older it doesn’t mean you are old. Some people turn gray when they are in their teens depending upon the genes handed down to them. Nature takes it course no matter who you are or how famous you may be.

Well, Kate took those remarks and photos to heart. She is much too young to be flaunting a few unsightly gray hairs. Rumor has it that after taking with her sister, Pippa last December Kate chose to dye her hair a slightly darker shade to cover up what the paparazzi were buzzing about. Her salon visit came to a total of $984 and she spent a total of six hours being pampered to retain her dark brunette tresses.

Kate’s hair really hasn’t changed much since she was a young girl. The long, slightly wavy hair is luxurious now as it was way back when. If Kate wasn’t in the public’s eye as she is she may have just brushed it off and not given those few strands a second thought. No one can blame her for getting a touchup. Millions of people yearly dye their hair for many reasons. It must be hard at times that even the little things in life get the attention of photographers.

Kate Middleton you look great and don’t seem to age at all – a natural beauty!

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