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Kate Middleton Bild: Wind lifts up Kate’s dress, reveals bare bottom, Bild photo

Kate Middleton and Bild are causing international uproar after the German tabloid newspaper published a picture of Kate’s bare bottom. While Bild is known for publishing bare bottom pictures of anyone, one would expect that Kate would dress more royally; especially when being around helicopters. Or should she? As reported by the British NDTV on May 27, the Duchess of Cambridge’s summer dress was lifted by a gust of wind when she and William got out of a helicopter in the Blue Mountains, which is located about 50 miles west of Sydney.

Kate Middleton Bild: Wind lifts up Kate’s dress, reveals bare bottom, Bild photo
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

While most American papers are blurring out Kate’s bare bottom photo, Bild is publishing it without any edits. So if you are anxious to see the picture, click on Bild’s link above.

Quite interestingly, both Kate and Bild are in trouble. Last year in February, the Duchess of Cambridge was in Canada when wind also lifted her dress and revealed her bare bottom. Of course, Bild included that photo also. Following the incident, the 88-year-old queen ordered Kate to wear some and more appropriate panties. Whether or not William’s wife was wearing any panties in Australia is hard to judge by looking at the picture. If she wore any kind of thongs, they did not cover anything. Apparently, Queen Elizabeth’s attempt to change her granddaughter-in-law’s fashion style failed.

Unlike Bild's action of publishing the photo, other German newspapers are asking if Bild has gone too far this time. However, German and Australian newspapers are also pointing out that Queen Elizabeth and other royals have weights in the seams of their dresses that prevent such an embarrassing incident.

While Kate is in trouble for not putting weights into her dresses and for wearing any, or insufficient panties, Bild is in trouble for publishing the picture despite a ban imposed by the British media not to show any such pictures. Of course, after Bild ignored the ban, one of Rupert Murdoch's Australian newspapers published the photo on Wednesday.

The photographer who took the picture of the Duchess’ bare bottom didn’t realize at first what she had on her camera. Diane Morel is not part of the paparazzi but is a local Blue Mountains photographer. As a local photographer, she was there when Kate and William arrived in Blue Mountains, and she took pictures of the couple. At home, Morel was about to delete some of the pictures when she realized what the wind had revealed.

"It wasn't until I got home and I popped my camera card into the computer that I realised what I had captured," said the 47-year-old hobby photographer. She is vowing that any money raised from the sale of the photo will benefit Australia’s bushfire relief fund. During their tour of Australia, Kate and William toured the scene of the 2013 devastating Australian bushfires that had destroyed more than 200 homes.

In contrast to Bild, Kate Middleton’s bare bottom picture was not published in Britain. NDTV reports that The Daily Telegraph said that British newspapers refused to run the photo “out of respect to the royals.” Other British commentators, however, find the ban on intimate royal pictures outdated and "an antiquated code of etiquette." Telegraph social writer Annette Sharp commented that “it seems a bit ridiculous to expect the rest of the world's media to follow suit, particularly in a world in which flesh and commercialism go hand in hand.”

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