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Kate Middleton Bild: Scandal of 2 photos; Princess Diana would smile, will you?

Kate Middleton: Bild’s 2 photo scandal; Princess Diana would smile, will you?
Kate Middleton: Bild’s 2 photo scandal; Princess Diana would smile, will you?
Joe Haupt

Kate Middleton and Bild’s publication of two bare bottom photos (one in Australia and one in Canada) is of course a serious matter and has the international community in uproar. Bild included a photo and video of last year’s mishap in Canada when Kate’s backside was also exposed by the wind. Princess Diana, William’s deceased mom, would have likely been smiling about the affair and agreed with many of the comments posted under the May 28 The Guardian article.

Princess Diana loved to smile and even had a joke after her divorce from Prince Charles ((His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, the future King of England after Queen Elizabeth II). When asked about the divorce, Diana said that “well there were three of us in the marriage so it was a bit crowded.” The third person that Princess Diana was referring to is Camilla Parker Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall, with whom Charles had an affair and who he married in 2005. Princess Diana and Charles divorced on Aug. 28, 1996, just one year before her death.

At the time of Diana’s death on Aug. 31, 1997, the internet was just in its early infancy. Diana’s death, which occurred while being pursued by photographers in Paris, is being likened by The Mirror to last month’s incident when the wind lifted up Kate’s blue and white Diane Von Furstenberg dress while she and William were visiting Sydney's Blue mountains during her official tour of Australia. “This is reminiscent of the worst excesses of the paparazzi during Diana’s life and the more upsetting to the duke and duchess for being so.”

But is it really? Princess Diana might have disagreed with The Mirror.

More likely, Kate’s mother-in-law would have smiled about the incident and the language used to describe Kate’s bare bottom including “derrière,” “a rather jolly pair of cheeks,” “backsides,” “bums,” a few “a” words (including the comparison to the KardASSian bulge or the replacement of the letter “e” in Duchess), to “knickers” and “underdungers.”

Princess Diana would have also smiled about Kate, whose opposition to Queen Elizabeth’s fashion order to put weights into her dress hems or to wear more appropriate undergarments seems to have fallen on deaf ears. After all, William’s and Harry’s mom herself had quite a few disagreements with the royal house on how things should be done – including on how to dress.

What Princess Diana would have smiled most about though is Britain’s hypocrisy and the “bum war” between Britain and Germany. Wasn’t it less than two years ago that The Sun published Prince Harry’s nude Las Vegas picture on Aug. 24, 2012? Unlike Kate’s derrière being unwillingly exposed by the wind, Prince Harry willingly exposed himself without any clothes (to his friends). Now the British media is crucifying the German tabloid Bild and one of Rupert Murdoch's Australian newspapers?

What Princess Diana would be even more amused about is that the German tabloid Bild (which published pictures of Princess Diana in all sorts of compromising situations and which published Kate’s photo first) called the publication of photos of Angela Merkel’s backside a “tasteless intrusion” by British tabloids. As reported by The Spiegel, “British tabloids have published paparazzi photos of German Chancellor Angela Merkel changing into her bathing suit by a private pool on vacation in Italy. Germany's own sensationalist daily, Bild, sees the publication as a tasteless intrusion but one British journalist says the photos are a 'perverted compliment'."

To note, when Bild wrote the article about Kate and included two pictures of her exposed backside, it quoted the famous German saying, "der Wind, der Wind, das himmlische Kind." (The wind, the wind, the heavenly child.) So there is a difference whether intimates are exposed because of some eager photographers or by an accidental picture taken because of the wind? Interestingly, today, Bild shows a photo of Bruce Willis' daughter walking around topless in New York -- no wind there.

Is Bild’s publication of two photos of Kate Middleton’ s bare bottom (one in Canada and one in Australia) a retribution for having published Angela Merkel’s backside? Princess Diana would probably just smile and shake her head -- not much has changed in 20 years.

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