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Kate Middleton Bild picture exposes too much? Fans upset

Kate Middleton smiling now
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Kate Middleton’s bare butt pictures have incurred the wrath of the crown. This royal wardrobe malfunction has Americans looking at a cheeky picture, published by Bild. This is a reminder of the sunbathing escapade last year as Kate Middleton had to sue to stop the media from publishing nude photos. According to MSN on Tuesday, the cheeky bare buns photo was published by a German newspaper and the image has left viewers gasping for air. Reports indicate that the Duchess will sue the newspaper.

The Royal family is said to be furious and we know that they are very protective of the reputations and this would not be the first time that legal action had to be taken to protect the dignity of the Duchess. The last photo scandal involved nude pictures that were successfully stopped from publication via court orders.

The questionable photo shows the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William leaving the helicopter during their tour of Australia last month. Wind from the helicopter propellers lifted Kate’s dress and the photo opportunity was taken. It seems to be one more attempt to make Kate Middleton look bad, but judging by the fan’s outrage the tactic isn’t working. A report by Celeb Dirty Laundry on Tuesday, indicates that Prince William is not too happy about the incident since his ability to sit on the throne could die a quick death after this wardrobe malfunction.

Many media outlets are comparing Kate Middleton’s backside to other celebrities. Of course, the obvious comparisons are Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Kate Upton and Beyoncé. Some fans are calling the competition as a win for Middleton. It is a sad day when the backside of a Duchess is put up in an unofficial competition. Still, it is simply a photo of a wardrobe malfunction. Did the photographer go to far? Was the Bild newspaper overly eager to publish this happenstance event? Or is this mistake just making Kate Middleton easier to relate to and increasing her popularity?

Legal action may be next on the list of what to do this week for the Duchess. For now, you can see more skin watching some of the reality shows.

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