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Kate Middleton Bild photo: Bare bum shot evidence Queen's fashion tip ignored?

Kate Middleton is furious over the German tabloid Bild publishing pictures of her windswept bare bum. Kate was ready to board a helicopter while on her recent trip down under and the wind from the rotors picked up the back of her skirt exposing her bare bottom to the world.

Kate Middleton furious over her bare bum picture in the German tabloid, which is online and worldwide today!
Facebook/ Biln

According to MSN Wonderwall on May 27, Kate is not only furious but is threatening legal action against the German tabloid. While there’s no word from Buckingham Palace yet, chances are the Queen will not take this as a minor exposure of royalty.

When the French tabloid published pictures of a topless Kate a few years back the Queen was incensed over those pictures and rightfully so, but that was under different circumstances. Kate was at a private home with William sunbathing topless in a private yard, with nothing else around.

In that incident the photographer waited from a distance far away with a super telescopic lens on his camera to get those shots. That was a total and blatant invasion of Kate and William’s privacy. It was like a peeping Tom gaining eyesight access into a private home.

This time Kate was in public and ready to board a copter. She was surrounded by crowds of people who came out to get a gander at the most popular member of the Royal Family. When her skirt went up the cameras, which William and Kate both knew were there, were clicking.

While it is disrespectful to the Royal Family and especially Kate to publish this bare bum photo, the photographer captured Kate’s rear end using legal and ethical means. A British tabloid would be hauled into court for publishing such a picture, but Germany, which is where the Bild tabloid is based, has no such laws on the books about the British Royal Family.

Newsmax reports today that, The photo was purchased by the “Bild am Sonntag after several British publications reportedly refused to buy them from the photographer.” There is something nice to be said about the media in an entire country respecting their royal family enough as to not make a quick million on Kate’s bare bum shot.

This is not the first time that Kate’s been caught in an updraft in a skirt. It is not the first time her undercarriage has been a bit overexposed, but it is the first time her skirt has taken flight to the extent of seeing her bare bum.

The Queen reportedly has suggested to Kate in the past that she have lead weights sewn into her skirt hems, like the head of the monarch does. This picture seems to provide evidence that Kate didn’t heed that fashion tip from the Queen.

Kate’s bound to royal protocol, rules and regulations and she is fully aware of this. Unfortunately she has found out firsthand how a scandal over a little bit of flesh showing can flare up for the royals and spin into a scandal. The latest picture of Kate in the wind definitely showed her bum cheek completely void of clothing. One would think that by now she would guard against this happening.

The picture still would have made front page news if she was wearing underwear and the world got a glimpse of some pretty panties, but it would have blown over in a minute (no pun intended). Kate not wearing some type of covering over her rear end and going out on a windy day in a skirt seems like risk taking behavior for sure!

It looked as though she might have been wearing a thong, which would explain the bare bum cheek, but that too was taking a risk. It is surprising that after all this time in the royal family coupled with the fact that she’s already been through one scandal for her topless sunbathing photos, that Kate wouldn’t have been better prepared for the wind in that skirt.

It was a few years ago when Kate’s yellow dress flew up in the wind while visiting Canada. She had her hands by her side pulling that skirt down the majority of time she was at that outside affair.

Will Kate's latest photo raise havoc within the Royal Family? Will she or William be reprimanded for her lack of cover-up while out on an official royal engagement? To add insult to injury, Kate's bare bum was compared side-by-side with Kim Kardashian's butt and her sister Khloe's rear end.

This tabloid seems to have put Kate in a category that no royal should find themselves in. Kim Kardashian has made a career out of being promiscuous and sharing that journey with her fans. This is the last person that Kate would want to be compared to. This scandal will fly-by soon enough, but will this be a wake up call for Kate to have all her bases covered especially on a windy day?

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