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Kate Middleton Bild magazine update: Duchess 'furious' over bare bottom pixs

MSN news reporting an update on the story of Kate Middleton whose bare bottom photos appeared in the German magazine Bild.

Click here for an updated story on an Australian newspaper that decided to publish the revealing photo.

MSN published a story Tuesday noting that the tabloid press in Europe is reporting that Duchess Kate is "furious" and will peruse legal action against Bild. The Royal family has not issued a statement about the controversy.

The Bild photo of the Duchess of Cambridge, was taken during the Royal tour of Australia. The photo is being called Middleton’s “Marilyn Monroe moment,” with comparisons to Monroe’s famous photo of her dress being blown up by a gust of exhaust from a subway grate.

A video report on the Duchess Kate controversy is on the left but the is not publishing the photos. If you wish to view the Bild photos for yourself, beware that they are NSFW. Do not click through to the Bild site if you are at work or if there are children nearby.

The photo was taken as Prince William and Kate were visiting the Blue Mountains near Sydney. A gust of wind from a helicopter blew the Dutchess’s Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress and exposed her buttocks.

Bild published the revealing picture next to photos of reality TV stars Kim and Kloe Kardashian, who were photographed in similar positions.

The photo caption read, : “Khloe, Kim and Kate – backsides which have moved us these past few days.”

So far there is no reaction from the Royal Palace but two years ago, the royal couple sued French magazine Closer for running topless photographs of the Duchess, taken as the couple vacationed at a French resort.

A spokesman for the Royal Family called the photos a “grotesque” invasion of privacy.

Bild is clearly having fun with the controversy writing: “A bootylicious bum is causing a stir – what a view on the royal backside! This photo was taken in Australia of Duchess Kate's bum. The helicopters rotary blades lifted her dress, revealing her bare back. BILD showed the photo, British media reported on it. And the Brits were a bit BUMmed that we showed Kate in that pose.

“Hey, don't get too upset about it – we don't want to take your Kate away. We also have amazing backsides in this country – and would like to show you now!”

Please leave any opinions you have about the Kate photo controversy below.

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