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Kate Middleton Bild bare bum photo: Lack of underpants duly noted in wind gust

Kate Middleton's windswept skirt problems, nothing new.
Kate Middleton's windswept skirt problems, nothing new.

When Kate Middleton’s bare bum cheek was exposed during a breeze conjured up by the rotor blades of a helicopter, there were cameras snapping away. One photographer got the money shot, which was published by the German tabloid Bild. Now the online bickering starts about who’s to blame for this royal embarrassment, suggests The Gloss on May 27.

Kate Middleton has folks suggestiong "underwear" as a good idea for a windy day.
Facebook/ Bild

According to the Daily Mail, the bidding starts with Sky News presenter Kay Burley who said what many have been thinking; “Get yourself a six-pack of big pants, Kate. I mean, seriously.” Wouldn’t you just love to be a fly on the wall over at the palace today? The public can’t be the only folks suggesting that underwear is an easy fix as a safety precaution on a windy day when wearing a skirt.

Above is a slide show of Kate during some of the past times she has battled with the wind from having her skirt take flight in public. While her undercarriage has been revealed before from a gust of wind, this is the first time nothing but flesh peeked out from under her skirt. One commenter on the Daily Mail said:

"Enough embarrassment and time to be more responsible about the clothing."

Others suggest that this is ridiculous to bring to the headlines are followed by suggestions that Kate does need to wear underwear or weigh down her hems like the Queen confesses to doing.

The scandal of Kate’s topless pictures were a complete different story than this one today. Kate and William were at a private residence when a photographer with a super telescopic lens waited to get pictures of the couple in a private back yard. Kate had every right to sun herself topless and expect privacy. That photographer was a peeping Tom.

In this incident, Kate was in public and she had to know from experience that the cameras would be flashing non-stop. Most people would turn red with a bare bum shot like the one published of Kate, but they would walk away and it would be forgotten. Talk about Kate's picture won't just fade away overnight.

Kate’s a member of the royal family and their protocols are strict and something that she has to abide by. Protecting yourself in public from wardrobe malfunctions, such as this one, is most likely something Kate is expected to do.

Why didn’t she just throw on a pair of underwear? It is not as if she doesn’t know the embarrassment and ramifications of a photo scandal such as this. She has seen it before with her sunbathing topless pictures.

So is the photographer or Kate to blame for the windswept embarrassment?

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