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Kate Middleton bare bum photo: Palace silence not necessarily golden for Kate

Kate Middleton’s exposed bare bum photo has not been addressed by St. James Palace yet again today. What is this saying about the incident that has led to a minor bare buttocks scandal?

Kate Middleton's bare bum photo: Can this change the course of history?
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Kate's latest fashion malfunction is said to possibly hamper the prospects of William and Kate by-passing Charles and Camilla for the throne. All this as day two ends of the saga of Kate Middleton's windswept reveal.

A new report today claims the Queen, who finds the thought of Camilla looking down from the thrown uncomfortable, is weighing her options as Kate’s wardrobe malfunctions have become an embarrassment, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry on May 28. This bare bum picture was something that was easily avoidable and this was addressed with Kate before.

You've probably heard of "A face that could launch a thousand ships," but not a bum that could change the history of the monarch! This doesn't seem like a feasible outcome on many levels.

This website also said that William is furious with this latest backside exposure and that he is realizing that a good portion of the problem lies with Kate. The photo of Kate’s bare bum was snapped as she was heading for a helicopter during her visit to Australia.

The wind from the rotors picked up her skirt and exposed a bare bottom with not so much as a stitch of fabric covering her bum cheek. OK, this was a bit of an embarrassment to Kate and the Royal Family and yes, this not the first time that Kate’s had this type of mishap in the wind.

Does anyone really believe this bare bum incident will change the course of British history? Prince Charles integrated his camp with the Queen’s camp months back in the first step of transitioning to the throne.

Their public affairs camps were morphed into one in the first step of a long journey for Charles to take the throne. It was at the beginning of the year when it was revealed that Charles's aide will be media chief for entire Royal Household. This is a huge and significant move in the “transition to a change of reign,” according to an archived article from the Daily Mail in January.

This was a big deal at the time because it was widely speculated that the Queen would never abdicate from the throne. Many thought that the succession would take place, as it has for the majority of the royals for centuries, upon the death of the reigning royal.

As far as William being ticked off at Kate’s lack of underwear, well that is a possibility. After all she signed on to the protocols and promised to uphold the dignity of the monarchy when she married into the family. It is quite possible it is William who is feeling the brunt of this anger from the royal family after this latest windswept reveal.

One thing that is different this time as opposed to the episode of Kate sunbathing, is the royal family has stayed mum on the subject. After Kate’s topless pictures appeared in a French publication, the palace let the flood gates open with a statement of their anger over the pictures. They threatened and followed through on legal action. There's none of that this time around.

According to MTV U.K, in an archived article, that statement expressing their angst over Kate's topless pictures was released on September 14, 2012. This was the same day the publication announced they had the pictures. St. James Palace was infuriated and compared the hounding of Kate in pictures to the hounding of Princess Diana, who was killed while paparazzi was in hot-pursuit.

The Palace has stayed quiet on this one, is this because they don’t have much of a leg to stand on when defending Kate? She has to own some of the responsibility for this photo oops!

The picture was taken in a public setting, unlike the Peeping-Tom-like pictures of Kate in the privacy of a vacation home and laying by the pool without her top. Those pool-side photos were a total invasion of her privacy, but this picture was taken during a venue that is considered fair-game for picture taking.

What do you think, is Kate’s bare rear-end picture about to change history or is this just blown way out of proportion?

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