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Kate Middleton bare bottom picture published in German tabloid Bild magazine

German tabloid Bild has published a new Kate Middleton bare bottom photo, purchased from a photographer who took advantage of a well-timed wind gust during a recent royal stop in Australia.
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

A German magazine has published a new photo of Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton in the buff.

In the photo, published online by the German tabloid Bild magazine on Monday, viewers can see Kate Middleton with her skirt being blown up by winds created by helicopter rotor blades, exposing her bare bottom. The photo ran with headlines and captions literally thanking the wind.

Kate Middleton Bare Bottom Picture Published by European Tabloid

Many people will recall Kate Middleton was the subject of a series of nude photos that were published internationally in 2012. Prince William and the Duchess fought back against the publication of these photos in the French magazine Closer with a lawsuit, but the photos will forever lurk in cyberspace.

The photographer who took the new Kate Middleton bare bottom photo reportedly sold the picture to the highest bidder, which happened to be Bild magazine; British publications refused to court the photographer at all.

Best Dressed: Revisit Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress (Photos)

Since the photo hit the Internet, it seems everyone has an opinion. "She should take a tip from the Queen and sew weights into the hem of her dresses," suggested one online commentator. "Underwear would help here. Problem solved!" exclaimed another.

Technically, the Duchess may well have been wearing underwear, as the photo only shows the bottom third or possibly half of the royal behind; thongs or other small, delicate styles may have been present but not providing, shall we say, full coverage. The weights in the hem idea is genius, though! Read more about Kate's prior dress mishaps and the little weights that the royal clothier sews in Queen Elizabeth's hems here.

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