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Kate Middleton and Prince William: Australia tour trip with Prince George

Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince George are planning a trip to Australia. They are setting plans for a vacation tour trip around April this year and want are setting their sights on Sydney to use as their home base. Having a place to situate themselves during their stay will provide their son, Prince George stability and a feeling of home during their trip.

An tour to Australia and Zealand for a month!
Chris Jackson / Getty Images

This will be a fun trip for the royal couple. Many years ago when Prince William was a young lad he visited the Sydney area with his parents Princess Diana and Prince Charles. According to the news reported on Jan. 5 from Entertainment Wise they will be staying approximately a month touring Australia and Zealand.

There will be many local charities and landmarks that will be on the itinerary of things to do and see. Prince George may accompany his parents on a few outings but for the most part will be spared the rigorous daily trips and the public eye and scrutiny of the press during their stay. This is a sensible and responsible move on the part of Kate and William.

A month tour is too long to be away from their child and at the same time exposing him to the public too much isn’t a good thing either. There will be plenty of time for him to be photographed and gets involved in things that are of importance to him as he ages. Right now he needs the protection and to be under the wings of his parents and receiving the love and care he needs even with their busy and public lifestyles.

Hoping the royal family enjoys their tour of the land and their quite time together!

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