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Kate Middleton advising frenemy Cressida Bonas on royal love

Are we tired yet of the news that Prince Harry is about to pop the question to Cressida Bonas and Kate Middleton is giving advice to both of them? Here is a new twist from Celebrity Dirty Laundry which headlines on Mar. 15, 2014 that “Kate Middleton Hates and Fears Cressida Bonas Due To Isabella Calthorpe Connection – Fears Losing Prince William, AGAIN.” So the news up to now looked like a cozy relationship as the International Business Times UK reported on Mar. 13, 2014, “Kate Middleton Advises Cressida Bonas on Love Life.” But the new report seems to indicate that the two women may be frenemies, otherwise known as enemies in friends' disguise.

The royal threesome.
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Celebrity Dirty Laundry reminder

However, while Kate’s been doing her best to be helpful to Cressida, there’s always the underlying resentment threatening to bubble up. Don’t forget, Cressida is half-sisters with Isabella Calthorpe, who almost stole Prince William away from Kate.

Nonetheless, Kate needs to be careful not to upset Prince Philip.

The advice gossip

Despite Prince Philip's apparent disapproval of Cressida, gossip has it that if Prince Harry pops the question, he will have the Duchess of Cambridge in his corner. Entertainmentwise reported in early February that “Kate Middleton, Duchess Of Cambridge is 'Giving Prince Harry Advice'.

The Cressida story resurfaced last February and before that in August when she reportedly broke up with him over his Las Vegas antics. The New Zealand Herald at the time asked: “Did Prince Harry's nude Vegas romp cost him his girlfriend? The answer apparently “No.”

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