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Kate Middleton adorned in bobbles and gems and longer hems, really?

Kate Middleton is getting a makeover with bobbles and gems.
Photo by WPA Pool/Getty Images

Kate Middleton will be all decked out to the Queen's specifications when she lands in Australia to embark on the royal tour, so say the latest reports. Just how much of an influence will the Queen really have in Kate's mode of dress? According to BDA Sun on Feb. 9, Kate's taking the fashion tips passed down from her "gran," the Queen.

They also report that "the Queen has ordered Kate to lower her hemlines." While the Queen herself won't dress Kate, this transformation will be carried out by the Queen's designer who will keep a watchful eye on Kate's attire right down to the family jewels she's expected to adorn. There will be no more skirts flapping in the breeze, so just how low are those hemlines going to be?

Apparently when Kate embarks on the royal tour in Australia representing the Queen, she's expected to dress like her too? The Queen "has given" Kate her personal dresser, Angela Kelly, who will also focus on Kate making a statement with jewelry out of the Queen's own personal collection.

This doesn't sound very fair to Kate or the Queen, as most of the reports have the two very fond of each other. It sounds like the Queen is dictating to Kate, which is probably not the case at all. Could it be possible that the Queen just wanted to lend Kate some royal jewelry, after all this is the woman who will be Queen one day.

Maybe because Kate is not used to wearing all kinds of bobbles and gems that she doesn't know where to start when selecting the jewelry? Could it be that the Queen has asked Angela Kelly to help Kate, not "given" Angela Kelly to Kate? The Queen can't "give" people and Kate certainly can't "take" people.

The Queen learned early on that the wind at open air events can be an enemy to her dresses, so she has weights sown in the hemlines to guard against this. Maybe she just offered Kate a tip, but saying that Kate has been "ordered" to to lower her hemlines by the Queen might be a bit harsh.

If Kate is getting a "makeover" chances are it is one she initiated and not the Queen. It could be that Kate's picked up a few new outfits for her trip to Australia, but some of the latest reports out there make it sound as if the Queen has become the head dictator of the fashion police. Again, this isn't fair to say about the Queen or Kate.

Does anyone really think that Prince William would go along with the Queen dictating to Kate about what she can and cannot wear? After all Kate has always dressed in the finest of taste, it's not as if she is running around in Daisy Dukes.

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