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Kate Mara asks younger sister Rooney for Hollywood advice

Kate Mara asks younger sis Rooney for advice
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

It’s nice when you have many things in common with a sibling and can ask them for advice, especially in the Hollywood universe. Kate Mara can relate, as she and younger sister Rooney (“Girl with the Dragon Tattoo") are actresses and have been in some high profile films and shows of late. Kate Mara has had a stellar past year in the Netflix show “House of Cards,” and this will only continue as it was announced Kate is set to play Sue Storm, AKA the Invisible Woman, in the upcoming Fantastic Four, according to yesterday.

One would be hard-pressed to name a slew of siblings who are not only actors on the Hollywood scene at the same time, but are also the same gender. In terms of females, Kate and Rooney Mara have joined the likes of Emily and Zooey Deschanel, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and sister Elizabeth, Dakota and Elle Fanning, and Vera and Taissa Farmiga. This proves to be a small and exclusive club as there aren’t many other sibling-actresses that exist in Hollywood with big film and TV projects attached to their names currently.

According to, Kate Mara asked sister Rooney advice about working with David Fincher, who is an executive producer to “House of Cards”. Rooney Mara became familiar with Fincher when she played a role in the 2010 movie “The Social Network”, which Fincher directed.

Kate Mara, who also played the scorned mistress Hayden in the first season of “American Horror Story: Murder House", told Zap2it, “It’s such a special thing to have a family member doing the same job as you. She didn’t start acting until much later, but it makes me feel sort of looked-after, having her and knowing that she ‘gets’ it.”

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