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Kate Hudson reveals bikini-body secrets: Low-carb diet and Pilates workouts

Kate Hudson talks diet, workout and weight loss secrets
Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

Kate Hudson is fitter than ever at 35, thanks to Pilates workouts and a portion-controlled, low-carb, high-protein diet. Kate has been doing Pilates since age 19, and credits it for her 70-pound post-baby weight loss and lean physique.

"I like Pilates because it kind of strengthens from the inside out," Hudson told E! "It's very specific and I feel the strongest when I'm doing it because it really centers on your core."

Hudson also does yoga, runs and jumps rope. Hudson, who tipped the scales at 184 pounds while pregnant, said she has always loved working out and being sporty, saying she doesn't feel good when she's inactive.

Kate recently launched Fabletics, a fashionable line of women's fitness apparel. She said looking good while exercising keeps you motivated to push harder.

"When we start moving our body, it brings more dopamine and serotonin to our brains," she said. "It awakens your system, so I try to stay motivated to be active."

The mom of two said she works out not only to exercise her body, but to center her mind. Hudson isn't a fan of restrictive diets and typically follows a low-carb, high-protein diet.

Hudson said she prefers to exercise more rather than eat less. As a result, she wound up working out up to six hours a day after each of her pregnancies to shed the stubborn baby weight.

Kate now maintains her stunning bikini body by eating 1,800 calories a day (1,500 when she's trying to drop a few pounds). She also does an Elimination Diet or juice cleanse twice a year to detoxify her body and give her digestive system a break.

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