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Kate Hansen's Sochi wolf video turns out to be latest Jimmy Kimmel hoax

Well, folks, it appears we've been had. Again.

Jimmy Kimmel reveals wolf video to be his latest hoax.
Jimmy Kimmel, Twitter

Earlier today you might have heard about the video that Olympic luger Kate Hansen posted to YouTube and Twitter in which a wolf appears to be strolling through the hall of her dorm in Sochi. Turns out late-night host and known hoaxer Jimmy Kimmel was behind it the whole time and convinced Hansen to pull a fast one on all of us.

Hansen posted the video entitled "Epic #SochiFail: Wolf in my hall" to YouTube on Wednesday with the caption "I'm pretty sure this is a wolf wandering my hall in Sochi." Naturally, the clip got people talking and given the multiple reports of stray dogs wandering the streets, it was easy to draw comparisons to the issue.

Kimmel revealed the ruse on Thursday afternoon, tweeting the video along with the Aesop-reminiscent caption "I always say, if you're going to cry wolf - get an actual wolf to cry with." He later followed it up with another tweet noting that tonight's show would feature Hansen via Skype along with "WOLF!"

Back in September, Kimmel revealed himself to be behind the video of a twerking session gone horribly wrong. Cleverly, the host played the viral clip (which involved a broken table and fire) past the point everyone had seen previously, only to show Kimmel himself appear to put out the fire and announce that we'd all been punked.

Well played, Jimmy. Well played.

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