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Kate Hansen: Dancing Queen Who's Beautiful Inside and Out

Kate Hansen stole the hearts of millions of Americans, including Beyonce's, as he luged her way through the Sochi Winter Olympics. Hansen left the Olympic games as the 10th best luger in the world. And while no medal left with her, she took a once in a lifetime experience home and memories that will last a lifetime. She is the type of woman young girls should look up to and aspire to be, as she is beautiful inside and out.

Kate Hansen

Luging is often looked at as "glorified sledding." However, the talent and work it takes to luge is far beyond sledding down your popular neighborhood hill. And training for the Olympic games is definitely no easy feat. Kate is extremely fit and healthy, thanks to the non-stop training she's been doing to prepare for Sochi and to her love for dancing! We've learned throughout the past week that this girl loves to boogie and she's pretty dang good at it. (If you haven't seen her moves, check out the video!) At 21 years old, her beauty is youthful and natural, which any woman would kill for!

Not only is Kate physically beautiful, but she's also a beauty within. The Olympics have been a time for her to show the world who she really is, which is a charming and kind California girl. Each time this 21-year-old would take to the starting line, she'd flash a heart melting smile. As she finished each run, she'd fist pump in the air and dance her way out of the rink. No matter her time, she was the epitome of joyful. Too often, athletes are sour after a poor performance, but not Kate. In her first run she hit a wall, decreasing her overall time and performance, but if you hadn't seen it for yourself, you would have never known it had happened, as she was happy as a clam when she finished. In her own words, she said, "I won't have words for this for years. Honestly, dude, I am just so, so happy." A very gracious athlete right there.

Kate has left Sochi and the world with a better taste for Americans, as she has shined as a kind and charming athlete. That has to be worth more than a gold metal, right? Or at least it comes close in our minds.

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