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Kate Gosselin thinks she might run for office

Kate thinks she might run for office after camping trip with Palins
Kate thinks she might run for office after camping trip with Palins

Kate for President?

After her televised Alaskan camping trip from hell with Sarah Palin, gnats and mosquitoes weren't the only bug to bite Kate. Apparently, upon her return from "the wild," the reality mom of eight has been telling friends that she too, like Palin, has political ambitions and just might decide to run for office.

" I've heard it all!" said Lisa M of Cincinnati. "Is she kidding? Please tell me she's kidding! She needs to just quit it with the road to fame crap and focus on her kids because clearly, they need her. I'm not even a huge Sarah Palin fan, but given a choice between the two, I'd vote for doubt. I've been watching her show and she definitely has a 'mid-western'/down to earth vibe about her."

A case of overinflated ego or does she really have a shot a politics?

"Honestly, Kate is unbelievable," an insider told "Her ego is out of control at this point. Ever since 'Dancing with the Stars,' and the fact that she appeared on more covers of US Weekly than any celebrity ever, she thinks she has what it takes to run for office."

TLC's idea to bring together their two most famous reality moms paid off, with the network showing an 11 percent increase in ratings following the infamous camping trip on the latest episode of "Sarah Palin's Alaska" that aired Sunday night. Though the two women started the episode by reveling in their similarities, the setting - the Alaskan wilderness, complete with constant rain, grizzly bears and 50 degree weather - soon became the perfect setting to highlight the stark differences between the two women: Palin, a great outdoors lover who appears very "low maintenance" on her show, compared the Kate, the "Queen Diva", lover of all things indoors, designer and manicure friendly.

As US Magazine said, there was "zero chemistry" between the two and Kate dubbed the trip "the worst" of her life.

It appears that spending some time with Sarah created a "if she can do it...I can do it" attitude. A friend of Kate's told, "After meeting and spending time with Sarah, Kate realized that if she could run for office then so could Kate."

Hhhmmm...there's a lot more to running for office than the new wardrobe that often comes with it. As every fashion forward woman knows, up-dos like Sarah Palin might look like a five minute process, it likely takes a village to make that poof/up-do.

The friend of Kate's continued...

"Sarah does have a little bit more experience than Kate does in office..."

Wait...ya think? Unless we missed something, Kate has ZERO experience in office.

The friend of Kate went on to list all of the things that Kate and Sarah have in common, apparently thereby assuring Kate as a "shoe in" for political office...

"They are both reality stars that you either love or hate. They are both beautiful and have a way of getting everyone's attention." Oh yeah, and the fact that they both were on "Dancing with the Stars" is another huge commonality between the two (though Sarah was not a contestant but rather, a proud mother and spectator.)

Do Tell: What do you think about Kate Gosselin running for office? Does she stand a chance? What about Sarah Palin and the next presidential she a contender for the White House?


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