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Kate Gosselin's twins: Stage fright or fear of disappointing mom on 'Today'?

Kate Gosselin
Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

It has been almost three years since "Kate plus 8" was canceled but Kate Gosselin is still relevant today. Recently her oldest daughters Cara and Mady sat down and did an interview for People Magazine. In conjunction with the article, they are making their way around the morning talk show circuit. According to a Jan. 16 report from E! Online, the twin girls clammed up on the "Today" show and sat there while Kate Gosselin talked for them. They insist that growing up on reality television did not affect their lives but critics are calling their bluff.

The interview with Savannah Guthrie on "Today" was torturous to watch. Kate Gosselin has always liked the spotlight and has done several other television-related things since her show was canceled. Critics are saying that Cara and Mady looked scared and nervous while sitting next to their mom. The twins didn't say much but they did light up when Guthrie asked if they wanted to more with reality television.

There have been accusations about Kate Gosselin's parenting from plenty of people but the kids always have remained with her. Cara and Mady looked happy and healthy on "Today," just nervous. It has been three years since the cameras were on them. For now the focus should be supporting these teen girls not tearing them down or attacking their mother.

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