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Kate Gosselin’s plastic surgery revealed? Photos show no wrinkles, tight skin

Kate Gosselin is currently working for Donald Trump as she tries to be the next star winning Celebrity Apprentice. While the taping of the popular show is underway, the fans won’t get the chance to see the reality star to compete until after it is edited and readied for broadcast on NBC. According to Radar Online on Tuesday, the woman that fans see on the show might not look like Kate Gosselin the reality star once seen on TLC thanks to plastic surgery.

Kate Gosselin selfies show a different face than seen on TLC-slide0
Kate Gosselin/Twitter

Kate Gosselin has admitted to one procedure on her stomach, but nothing more. Has she had more plastic surgery? Or did she do something else to her face? A well-known Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Ashkan Ghavami has suggested that she has had several procedures done. The new look had him rattling off possible surgeries and procedures that would make anyone intrigued to see how she looks in the upcoming reality show.

However, one look at the latest selfies that Kate Gosselin posted on Twitter and fans immediately recognize that they don’t need a degree to see that Gosselin’s face looks different. There isn't a wrinkle on her face. And her skin does look extremely tight. Add that her face isn't very recognizable any more (compared to older photos of the celebrity) and it is quite amazing what doctors can do these days for reality stars.

The reality star is always talking about how hard it is to raise all her kids. With needs like food, clothing and essentials to make life comfortable for the kids sometimes fans feel bad because her budget has to be tight. Then again, plastic surgery and nonessential procedures are expensive too. So maybe fans shouldn't feel bad at all as it appears she has enough cash to change her looks.

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