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Kate Gosselin’s ex-husband fights for the kids: Will he win?

Kate Gosselin
Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin has been taking care of her eight children since she divorced her husband a couple of years back. He has been fighting to get his life back on track, after his reality television career came crashing down. He is currently filming for “Couples Therapy,” where he opens up about his struggles after his marriage ended. According to a new Hollywood Life report published on Jan. 22, Kate Gosselin’s ex-husband is planning on filing for custody because he is convinced that his children want to live with him, not with her.

His children, Cara and Mady, went on the TODAY show to talk about their lives. But they choked up and many thought that Kate had coached them as to what to say. He is planning on taking action to give them a “normal childhood.” According to Jon, his kids are terrified of Kate and “they tell me they want to live with me.” And he is ready to fight for them.

“They live in fear of Kate,” Jon has revealed to In Touch. “Every time I see them, they tell me they want to live with me.” He plans to file for primary custody as soon as he can save the necessary funds for lawyers and paperwork fees. “First, I’m going to file for an emergency petition for contempt … The next step is to fight for custody,” Jon tells the mag. “It’s the only way I can protect the younger six.”

But does he stand a chance? He needs money to pay his legal bills and he needs to find the money to take care of his children. But it sounds like he wasn't pleased with what he saw and a judge may agree. Do you think it is right of him to fight for his children?