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Kate Gosselin revolt: Kate's mortified as kids revolt on air during new special

Kate Gosselin revolt: She can plaster on that smile, but during her special that airs tonight, her face takes on a more mortified look as he kids have had it with reality TV gigs!
Kate Gosselin revolt: She can plaster on that smile, but during her special that airs tonight, her face takes on a more mortified look as he kids have had it with reality TV gigs!
Promo for 'Kate Plus 8: Sextuplets Turn 10'

Kate Gosselin is in the headlines again and this time it is because her kids have had it with her, which is something different for a change. She has said all along how her kids "loved" being on TV and adored the camera crew that followed them everywhere, but it looks like that isn't the case after all.

According to The Hollywood Gossip on June 19, Kate Gosselin is in the middle of a revolt, brought on by her kids. Kate's kids did not hide the fact that they despise being reality TV characters in their latest special "Kate Plus Eight: Sextuplets Turn Ten."

The kids are seen rolling their eyes, calling the filming "stupid" and complaining that "this is no fun." One of the sextuplets even mocks Kate during the show saying "I am so tired! I don't want to do any of this."

Kate showed her mortified face quite often as the kids were basically ruling the roost during the filming. The sextuplets are old enough now to express their opinions and that they did.

The sextuplets are turning 10 and in true Kate Gosselin fashion, the birthday party she is planning is over-the-top. This gets her two older kids whining about mom's plans to throw one spectacular party, according to Mail Online. Cara and Mandy, Kate's older girls, are able to wipe that teeth glimmering grin off Kate's face awful quickly.

Cara and Mandy are not much different from the sextuplets when it comes to complaining about their reality TV appearances. At one point during the filming Kate's daughter Mandy was interviewed and asked if she was a role model for her younger siblings. She blatantly answered "no." She said, "they better not, I mean I am an awful role model."

Mortified Kate jumps in and in a motherly tone tells her daughter what a wonderful role model she is for the kids and tells her daughter not to be so hard on herself. Was anyone buying this?

Not the six younger kids, they just look up like they are hearing something they haven't before. Mandy continues saying that her younger siblings have "such bad hair" and that they "dress themselves and they shouldn't."

Kate has created some reality monsters and they want to be stars about as much as Kate would welcome the itch of poison ivy. Again nothing stops Kate from getting her brood in front of those cameras, not even her disillusioned children.

The special, which airs tonight, Thursday June 19, at 10 p.m. on TLC has Kate doing all the jaw-dropping expressions, which is a twist because it is usually this mom that gets the audience to do that!

Kate's words weren't all that genuine when she said during an interview that the kids cheered when they first heard about appearing in this special. These kids were as far away from cheerleaders during this special as one can get!

Some things remain constant, Kate's ex Jon Gosselin, the father of this brood, was said to be "furious" when hearing the kids were going to be on television again. Jon has always said this is not the way he wants the kids to grow up, seeking fame like their mother.

Kate made the headlines all on her own without her brood back in March. She was allegedly caught sharing a hotel room with a married bodyguard while filming "Celebrity Apprentice" in NYC.

Kate's obsession with being in front of the cameras has kept her in the headlines periodically since her reality series "Kate Plus Eight" ended. She originally got that gig because she had the sextuplets and the two older girls, but she's become a fascination in her own right for the lack of mothering skills she has demonstrated over the years.

When Kate set out on an RV trip to some national parks with the kids and friends at the end of her "Kate Plus 8" show, her true colors came through loud and clear. She was one of the hardest women to get along with and you would find yourself hoping the other adults on this trip would just dump her instead of putting up with her demands.

She is very controlling and she has a skewed view on the way things really are. It is almost as if this woman lives in a fantasy world she's conjured up in her head. Kate Gosselin is truly one of a kind.

Tune in tonight to see the revolt of the Gosselin children, who look like they have had enough of Kate, like most of America!

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