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Kate Gosselin returns to reality TV

Former reality TV star Kate Gosselin is returning to reality television for a one night special- minus Jon Gosselin, according to TLC. The show is scheduled to air in June for a one hour special to get ‘Jon and Kate plus 8’ fans back into the loop of the Gosselin family’s lives since their hit show ended in 2011.

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TLC Jon and Kate plus 8
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Sources close to the show says it will document how Kate is progressing in her personal life, career and how much her eight children has grown. The show will also look back at the family’s heartrending moments before and leading up to its demise. The controversial mom wants to use this opportunity to clear up any “inaccuracies” about her and her family.

This may not sit well with her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin who publicly expressed his antipathy for his ex-wife and his trepidation for having his children on reality TV. Jon recently accused Kate of using their eight children as a ploy to remain in the public eye. He even went as far as wishing death upon his rival because she appears to have the upper hand on him. “She just wants to be on television, which is never going to happen. So she can just f--ing die,” he rants during an episode of Vh1’s Couples Therapy.

Mr. Gosselin has tried to redeem himself in the public eye by writing a tell-all book about his side of the story; however, Kate’s lawyers have place legal road blocks preventing him from publishing it. The two have been intertwined in a cantankerous relationship that has played out on television and has turned each of them into tabloid targets.

There are no reports confirming whether or not Jon will be featured on the TLC special since he has always felt the network exploited his family. What’s surprising is Jon himself returning to reality TV despite his fevered claims against being in the public eye. His celebrity has engendered a level of infamy that will enable him to benefit financially for something as simple as public appearances. Jon allegedly made over $22 thousand per episode on Couples Therapy, but still has to pay Kate Child support. According to, Jon’s net worth is said to be a modest $10 thousand, while Kate is worth a whopping $5 million.

Do you think Jon Gosselin is being a hypocrite?

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