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Kate Gosselin returns: She lands 'Kate plus 8' one night TLC special

Kate Gosselin gets her wish! She returns to reality TV in "Kate Plus 8," a one night special in June.
Kate Gosselin gets her wish! She returns to reality TV in "Kate Plus 8," a one night special in June.

“Kate plus 8,” a special that will air in June on TLC, finally gives Kate Gosselin some airtime. This is something that she has been desperately seeking since the demise of her series. This one-night special will feature an update on Kate and her brood since her weekly reality show went belly-up.

According to ABC News on March 18, it has been two years since last seeing Kate and her kids and her little ones have grown in leaps and bounds. Kate recently had a photo shoot with her twin daughters who are now 13 and they are gorgeous!

Kate’s sextuplets are nine-years-old today, they are not babies anymore. Alexis, Hana, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel Gosselin were a handful back in the day. In June you shall see if it has gotten any easier with six kids the same age.

There’s no word if Jon Gosselin will join the show or not. The “Jon & Kate plus 8” show turned into “Kate plus 8” in 2010. The show, which started in 2007 was going strong until Jon left in 2009. Kate lasted alone with the kids in the realm of reality TV until 2011.

Jon has been very vocal on Kate’s overwhelming desire to get back on TV. She shopped around for a while after the TLC show ended, but she didn’t even get a nibble on the end of that fishing pole.

Raising the kids in front of the TV cameras was not Jon’s idea of how to raise the kids. Although he jumped back into reality TV after he left Kate, he doesn’t want the kids doing it.

In a bizarre turn of events Jon joined the series “Couples Therapy” with his girlfriend Liz Janetta in January. It could be that both Jon and Kate crave the TV cameras.

Kate became a bit hard to deal with toward the end of “Kate plus 8,” which was seen in some of the final episodes. She went with the kids and family friends in RV’s on a road trip and she was often seen yelling, mad and just plain rude to her friends.

Back then it looked like she needed some time away from the cameras. Since leaving that show Kate has had her hand in a few things, but she has never been able to gain the exposure she enjoyed with the TLC camera crew following them around day and night.

It will be interesting to see how the family looks today!

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