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Kate Gosselin returning to TLC for new special about her children

Kate Gosselin bringing her kids back to TV
Kate Gosselin bringing her kids back to TV
Photo by Neilson Barnard

Kate Gosselin, the former reality TV star who exploited her eight children in order to reach her celebrity status is returning to TLC for the first time in two years. According to The Hollywood Reporter on March 18, Kate Gosselin will return to TLC for a one-hour "catch up" special.

The original television series was "Jon & Kate Plus 8," which was a show that followed the couple's efforts to raise their eight children, a pair of twins and then sextuplets after that. The couple ended up splitting up and having a very public and disruptive divorce.

Jon Gosselin pushed to get their kids off of television while Kate Gosselin pushed for more television time for herself, something she saw as a new career. That effectively ended the show, which originally aired on the Discovery Health Channel before moving to TLC.

Recently, Kate appeared with two of her children, Mady and Cady, on a talk show and tried to get them to tell the host that they were happy and well adjusted after being raised on television. She asked them to talk about how having camera crews in their home helped them, but the girls refused to comply and wouldn't make the comments their mother asked them to.

The last time that TLC aired anything new related to the Gosselin family was 2011.

This new "catch up" show will focus on Kate Gosselin and her children, now aged 13 and 10. TLC announced that the new show will show what the kids are interested in now as well as the latest on Kate Gosselin's liofe and career.

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