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Kate Gosselin r-word email: Kate's disturbing use of language riled the masses

Kate Gosselin's use of the r-word has people getting upset, especially because she is a mother with a brood of kids.
Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Kate Gosselin has put a lot of effort into creating an overall appearance for herself attempting to look good in the public eye. Time after time something seems to come along and put a crinkle in her smooth moves, much like this latest email reveal. Author Robert Hoffman's new book about Kate has emails and other forms of evidence he's collected for the story he wanted to share about Kate.

According to News Oxy on July 25, Kate's husband Jon emailed her about a group that was interesting in hearing from Kate, called MOST, which is short for Mothers of Supertwins. After reading the request Kate wrote back to Jon "These people are retarded!"

The email request from the group was sent to Jon Gosselin and he forwarded it to Kate. It was from a woman named Patti T., who was the coordinator of the forum for MOST. It is not clear what Kate found irritating about Patti's email, but she wrote back to Jon using the r-word to describe what she thought of these people.

The use of the r-word is not politically correct for anyone, especially for someone vying to become popular in the public eyes. It is a disgusting word that conjures up some horrendous stigmas. People who work in the mental health field have worked long and hard to banish the word from the vocabulary of the masses.

Perez Hilton suggests that Kate's been in the news a lot lately and it hasn't been for any proud accomplishments. As Hilton says she's been in the news for "bad reasons" and this is just one more incident that is "adding onto the pile."

Today it is usually the person who uses the r-word that is automatically deemed as someone ignorant in the eyes of the public. Although for some reason Kate Gosselin seemed to think it is acceptable enough to actually use in an email. It didn't take long for Kate's use of the word to go viral and this is yet another storm she will weather today.

As Kate has in the past, when she is accused of behaving badly, she may come out with an excuse or she may have a complete denial about the incident. This email got a response from the Special Olympics people who said:

“We’re always saddened and disappointed when we hear people using the R-word. We encourage people to go to and take the pledge. It’s important because it’s respect toward everyone.”

Other emails that Kate has concocted in the past were also revealed by the author, like the time she wrote to the State of Pennsylvania "pleading for free childcare for her 'disabled' children." So far Kate has not commented on her use of the r-word, which is seen in an email that she wrote.

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