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Kate Gosselin r-word: Reality star under fire for calling support group r-word

Kate Gosselin
Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Kate Gosselin has stuck her foot in her mouth again. She is now under fire for allegedly calling a mother's support group the r-word. Sometimes you just shouldn't say what you are thinking. On Wednesday, Web Pro News shared about what happened with this reality TV star.

Reports are out that Kate sent out an e-mail that said the mothers of multiple children are retarded. This is a word that never goes over well when it is used. Robert Hoffman has the e-mail. The report says that Jon had forwarded the e-mail on to Kate. It was from Patti T., the coordinator of the forum MOST or Mothers of Super Twins.

This forum was hoping that Jon Gosselin would introduce himself to the group. Obviously they knew that this was going to help get a few more people reading their site and everyone would be talking about it. Once Kate got the e-mail she was annoyed for some reason. The reports are that she simply replied saying, "These people are retarded."

Someone from the Special Olympics even spoke out to Radar Online and said, "We’re always saddened and disappointed when we hear of people using the r-word." This word has started to be something that you just shouldn't say at all. Kate Gosselin allegedly said it but you have to remember that she was e-mailing her husband.

The things that people will say to their spouse are not the same kind of thing they would say to just anyone. Kate Gosselin allegedly sent this e-mail to Jon. She didn't reply to it telling this to the forum. Kate probably didn't think that anyone other than Jon would ever read what she had to say. This is far from the first time that people have been upset with Kate. Not long ago a picture that Kate tweeted of her daughters legs upset fans. You can see it here.

E! Online also shared today that reports are out that Kate used to have her nanny spy on the kids when they talked to Jon on the phone. She wanted to know everything that they had to say. Kate wanted them to do what she would do if she was there and she would listen in if it was up to her. Kate hasn't commented yet on this allegation by her former nanny.

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