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Kate Gosselin: R-word draws fire over 'retarded' email leak

An email leak has gotten one "Kate Plus 8" star in deep you know what. Kate Gosselin is under fire for using the r-word in a leaked email, according to her explosive tell-all book. The former reality TV mother of eight kids and ex-wife to Jon Gosselin allegedly used "retarded" when responding to an electronic communication sent by her ex-husband, this according to a July 23 Web Pro News report.

Kate Gosselin photo
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Kate's reported use of the r-word is part of an excerpt that appears in the re-released book, "Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World, The Rise and Fall of a Reality TV Queen." The author, Robert Hoffman, released the book eight years ago, but it was pulled off bookshelves shortly thereafter when Gosselin threatened legal action over the inflammatory comments, one involving a discriminatory comment towards people with disabilities.

The shocking book included allegations that the "DWTS" alum spanked her eight children with a wooden spoon and was very hateful towards the family's pets. She vehemently denied the charges, and referred to them as "fabricated and untrue," RadarOnline wrote. After taking the matter to court, things settled down a bit, until last month when the book hit the shelves again, this time claiming a Kate Gosselin r-word use.

As Hoffmann explains in his book:

On Dec. 31, 2006, Jon forwarded Kate an email that he had received the day before from the coordinator of something called the 'MOST' forum (MOST stands for Mothers of Supertwins). The forum coordinator, 'Patti. T.', asked Jon if he would post something to introduce himself and his family on the forum. It is not clear why Patti T.'s email annoyed Kate, but her curt response to Jon about it is offensive. Kate said, 'These people are r-tarded.'"

Just like the n-word, the use of retarded, even in standup comedy routines, is offensive, and the world is rapidly showing its lack of tolerance for the use, whether or not it happens in the public domain. Granted, certain things can test a person's patience, but when an offensive word is used at an innocent person's expense to get one's point across, it breaks all social rules.

Kate has been known to ruffle feathers a time or two, especially during the Kate and 8 show's run. In Gosselin's defense, a single mommy of one has a lot of hard choices to make and some are bound to be unpopular. Moreover, this latest rumor that -- again -- questions her character as a mother and human being, doesn't do much to repair the image associated with her name. Nevertheless, these are just allegations at this point -- and anything goes in Hollywood.

Gosselin drew the ire of social media last year when a photo of her depicting Asians surfaced on her Twitter account. Check out the video above of that incident that got her in hot muck.

Do you think Kate Gosselin's r-word use meant to target disabled persons or was it merely a poor choice of words?

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