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Kate Gosselin: Kate plus eight on a date


AP Photo/Richard Drew

Katie Irene Kreider

March 28, 1975 (age 34)

Wernersville, Pennsylvania, USA

A Kate Gosselin follower wrote in curious to know whether or not television network TLC would pull the plug on series Kate Plus Eight now that Jon Gosselin has voiced negative opinions towards his childrens’ participation. Do the stars have anything to say about this? Because a birth time for Kate Gosselin could not be located, the following summary is based upon the placement of the planets within the signs and various conjunctions.

Starting with Saturn in Cancer, this was a surprise to find in Kate’s chart. This placement of Saturn is usually reserved for individuals who tend to avoid serious responsibilities. This placement also indicated that Kate needs to recognize where her limitations lie and learn to work around them. 

Next, we find Pluto retrograde in Libra, suggesting that this divorce has been a difficult learning experience for Kate as she’s a believer in relationship commitment on a very unified level. On a bright note, she will  walk away from the situation a better and stronger person. 

The Moon is also in Libra. This is a positive placement for Kate. She’s a natural at creating a welcoming, well-balanced and friendly environment. She doesn’t like to argue. With the Moon conjunct Uranus, we know that Kate has an original and brilliant mind when it comes to raising children and running a household. This aspect indicated that Kate Plus Eight will not only continue for the season, but it will continue with a decent following. Other mothers will be able to learn from Kate’s situation and her graceful way of handling situations that come her way. 

Uranus is found retrograde in Scorpio. On a personal note, it appears that Kate has somewhat of a kinky side. Chances are, her relationship with Jon began on a rather passionate note. Speaking of chances, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a future episode of Kate Plus Eight on a Date!  

Neptune is the last retrograde planet in Kate’s chart. It is found in Sagittarius which suggests that Kate is the ultimate optimistic. This will be advantageous for raising eight children as she is a natural at encouragement and fairness. 

With Mars in Aquarius, Kate is a community oriented individual. She has an interest in helping, improving and changing situations for the better. 

You know you’re in good hands when your in the company of someone with Mercury in Pisces in their chart. These individuals are highly intuitive, making them sensitive towards the feelings of those around them. They are kind hearted and sympathetic people. 

Jupiter is found in Aries. This is an interesting placement for Kate, but not a surprising one. This ensures us that Kate is a leader and a decision maker destined for success. The only downside to this placement is the tendency to make the occasional hasty business decision. 

The Sun is also in Aries. Kate is a real go-getter. She’s brave and ready to stand up and face new challenges. The Sun is additionally conjunct Jupiter which ensures Kate a continued success. All she needs to do is be herself in order to continue her success and help others.  

The last planet to cover in Kate’s chart is Venus in Taurus. If anyone’s in need of a hug, Kate’s the type of person to gladly hand one out. She’s very loving and protective, especially when it comes to children. She enjoys life’s little comforts, including food, so don’t be surprised if an episode revolving around Kate Plus Eight battling weight is aired in the future as well.  

* The information in the above article is not the opinion of the author, but rather an astrological interpretation based upon the placement of the planets in the houses of the celebrity’s birth chart. Charts are said to be less accurate when the time of birth is not known. Chart pulled, courtesy of Science of Astrology. To have your own birth chart e-mailed to you, please visit Science of Astrology