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Kate Gosselin cry? Tears flow when trying humble on for size, but not good fit

Kate Gosselin’s shedding secret tears behind closed doors these days, which is something she reveals in her new “Kate Plus 8” special airing tomorrow night. Kate’s tried everything else, now she’s sharing the tears and her struggles. She also reveals how not an hour goes by that she isn’t reminded that it is her and eight kids, saying the “odds are completely unbalanced,” according to People on June 25.

Kate Gosselin cries behind closed doors and is not the superwoman people seem to think she is. Who thinks she is a superwoman?
Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

This sounds like an awful lot of “poor me” in this show, depicting herself as nothing like the superwoman that she perceives is her public reputation. Kate says it looks like her life is under control, but it is not. It never really did look under control, there were numerous episodes towards the end of her “Kate Plus 8” show where she was coming unhinged.

She says “it’s real easy to feel like saying, it’s too much.” Her only goal is to get through the day. This may be true today, but it certainly wasn’t when she tried everything in her power to get back on reality TV. Many people, including her ex-husband Jon Gosselin, felt she had a need to get this kind of attention.

If Kate has become humble through the years, which is what it sounds like she wants to convey to the viewers in the teasers for her new show, then that’s great, but it remains to be seen. She also said it was “never her intent to portray herself as superwoman.” She shares that she would often cry behind closed doors.

While that paints a sad picture, if Kate did any crying in the past it was because she didn’t get any bites from the networks she tried to sell another reality show to. It is hard to decipher Kate’s tears because if you’ve watched enough of her former reality show you know that Kate Gosselin doesn’t like it when she can’t get her own way or things don’t go the way she plans.

This was made evident in her RV road trip with friends and all the kids. Toward the end of that gig she was screaming at people and just furious at everything around her. She is very controlling, again this was demonstrated during her previous reality show.

Mail Online reports how Kate manipulated a lot of her life, which was something her husband Jon wanted to get away from. The two divorced a few years back and he has been very vocal about not wanting his kids growing up in front of TV cameras. Robert Hoffman's new book, "Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World" has some very disparaging things to say about Kate and her manipulating ways.

Hoffman goes as far as saying that Kate's two multiple births was part of her plan for fortune and fame. It is not as if some of the awful things that have been said about Kate over the years were hear say, she was very much a tyrant at times while filming her former "Kate Plus 8" show.

Now that the kids are getting older, her two teens are speaking their minds and they were vocal about not wanting the cameras back following them around. Again, Kate was thought to have done this because she appears to have a need for this kind of attention.

During an interview about her new special, her two oldest girls, who are twins, sat down and some of the things that they said dropped Kate’s jaw and the jaws of the audience. The numerous headlines conveyed that her kids "revolted" against her, as suggested on Hollywood Gossip last week.

The two 13-year-old girls Mady and Cara roll their eyes at things their mother is saying in the interview. At one point Mady calls the TV show “stupid” and storms off. None of the kids seemed to have wanted to do this special with Kate, so they appeared to have revolted.

One of the sextuplets starts mocking Kate by saying “I’m so tired! I don’t want to do any of this!” She is echoing Kate’s words. This mother of eight was a high maintenance star when the show “Kate Plus 8” was filming.

It looks as if Kate has taken a different route this time around and playing it a bit more humble than her fans are used to seeing her. She cries behind closed doors and apparently she is very hard on herself.

The TV special shows Kate baking a cake and one can't help but wonder how often she really does that? Much of Kate's behaviors on air are often for show only, or at least that was what the consensus was in the past.The sextuplets turn 10 and that is why this special was created, to get a look at the family as they've grown.

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