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Kate Gosselin accused of spanking children

Kate Gosselin
Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Kate Gosselin is facing new accusations, but she is not responding to the latest set of rumors. Radar Online reports on Thursday that the reality star spanked her children to the point that she was afraid she might seriously hurt them. Robert Hoffman’s book claims to have exclusive diary entries from Gosselin that reveal how she treated her eight children while the cameras were turned off.

Hoffman goes into detail to share how Gosselin reacted to 2-year-old Collin spilling things on the floor and deliberately knocking over chairs. The reality star allegedly spanked Collin to the point that she was scared she might hurt him, so she put him in his crib and walked away. She decided to wait for her husband to return before dealing with the child again.

The Collin incident is being used as an example of Gosselin’s anger, but all of her children were allegedly spanked while growing up. At one point, she was accused of using a wooden spoon to beat them while they were toddlers. She allegedly carried the spoon with her in the car in case the children started to misbehave. In addition, Gosselin allegedly beat her children for any reason and had trouble controlling her temper.

The topic of spanking children is still being debated by both parents and experts, and Gosselin’s case has a mix of supporters and critics. Her supporters point out she was dealing with eight children under tremendous stress while her critics believe this is simply another example of her bad parenting. Several studies have shown that spanking children routinely can affect their brains in a negative way and lower IQ scores. The damage is more severe for young children, so the allegations that Gosselin hit her toddlers could lead to serious consequences for them as they get older.

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