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Kate Gosselin accused of forcing children to go on vacation

Kate Gosselin
Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

New accusations against Kate Gosselin have surfaced, and she allegedly forced her children to come to Alaska against their will. Radar Online reports on Wednesday that the reality star allegedly made her children go on the trip despite their tears. One of her daughters called her ex-husband to complain, but was not able to avoid the vacation.

TLC used the Gosselin trip to Alaska to add drama to the reality show, and the children visited Sarah Palin while they were in the state. However, new rumors claim that the eight children wanted to avoid the trip, and Mady tried to get Jon to rescue her. Mady allegedly called Jon for help, but Kate prevented him from seeing her and taking her home. During the vacation, Mady cried and was generally described as miserable.

It is expected that Kate will deny the recent rumors about her bad parenting, and she has previously claimed she does not force her children to participate in reality television. However, a new book claims she uses her children for fame and has no issues about forcing them to go on trips. She is also described as difficult and demanding on her vacations with a long list of requirements that must be met by TLC.

Kate’s past responses on Twitter reveal that she does not have time for haters. She claims to be focused on her family and children, so she does not want to take the time to address accusations. The rumors surrounding her family have ranged from her abusing the children to threatening her husband. Despite these problems, Kate has continued to seek the spotlight with appearances on shows and attempts to create a new reality program. This has led her critics to believe she cares more about the money and fame than her family.

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