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Kate and William miss big first moment for baby George

Kate and William missed an big moment for baby George.
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Kate and William are probably sorry that they decided to go on a vacation together earlier this month. The couple missed out on a special moment of their young son's life. The moment happened while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were away. On March 27, Vanity Fair reported that the couple missed out on George's first crawl. The young prince was staying with Kate's parents during Kate and William's trip to the Maldives.

It isn't clear how news of this big moment has come to light, An insider did say the following about the couple missing the moment:

"William and Kate are excited about the many milestones ahead . . . George already has a tiny tooth coming in. And his cheeks are chubbier than ever!"

This happy couple is enjoying life at the moment. They do have many more moments to look forward to in baby George's future. This include his first step and his first word.

What is the next for the family? They are set for a tour of New Zealand in April. They will leave for the trip on April 16, and they will spend three weeks touring the area, according to Yahoo UK. That should be an exciting trip for this family.

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