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Kate and her eight head to Australia

Kate and her eight head on another adventure: Australia and New Zealand
Kate and her eight head on another adventure: Australia and New Zealand

It looks like Kate Gosselin is taking a cue from Oprah and heading down under to film her show.

Kate, the kids and the bodyguard

Kate and her famous eight are ringing in the new year Aussie style as they head to Australia to film "Kate Plus 8." Also included on their down under whistle stop tour: New Zealand. Kate's bodyguard, Steve Nield, is from New Zealand and will be with the Gosselin clan as they tour his homeland.

Of course, the 35-year-old reality mom is traveling the only way she knows how: first class. Apparently, TLC is picking up the tab for the very expensive trip since technically, it's a sort of "workation" - they'll be filming episodes of their hit show while down there.

Said a source, "Kate and the kids flew out just before midnight last night in what will be a staggered trip to Australia and New Zealand. They will be filming for 'Kate Plus 8' and the kids are excited about visiting both Australia and New Zealand."

Considering the fact that two of Kate's kids have been supposedly expelled from their private school and are being tutored at home, we're guessing a tutor is part of the entourage?

Daddy staying state-side

It seems that dad Jon Gosselin and his girlfriend, Ellen Ross, will not be joining Kate and the kids on their trip down under.

"Obviously, Jon was informed of the excursion and the kids will not see their father again until mid-January when they return to America with their mom."

As has been previously reported, Jon tried (and failed) to stop Kate from being able to continue on with her own reality show once the divorce went through and production for "Jon and Kate Plus 8" stopped. He's never liked what he views as "exploiting" the kids for financial gain.

"Sure, these kids are benefiting from their reality show in that they are getting to travel (all expenses paid) to some pretty amazing places that they likely might never have seen were it not for their show," commented Kerry S of Cincinnati. "However, they are obviously struggling with their parents' divorce and who knows what else and it seems like their well-being should be Kate's number one priority."

Do tell: What do you think of Kate's trip down under?


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  • julie 4 years ago

    I think its wonderful for the kids to experience life and be able to travel so what anyone who thinks different is just jealous so get over it

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