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Kat Von D's Wonderland Reception

Life long artist Kat Von D's 'Wonderland Gallery' on LaBrea and Fountain, next to her famed "High Voltage" tattoo shop held an opening reception titled "I Want to Be First" showing several artists hand picked by Von D herself.

Kat Von D post interview at the "I Want to Be First" art opening reception at her Wonderland Gallery
Peter Switzer

Kat returned from Las Vegas the night before the show to prepare the gallery.

"We put everything together this morning" she said.

The place looked freaking awesome! Paintings, photography, jewelry, books, cards, penguins, shoes, carvings, house was full, the joint was jumpin'! The line of cognoscente went around the corner and onto LaBrea.

Even with the whirlwind schedule Von D keeps, she arrived at about 8:15pm, spoke to everyone who approached her, took photos with all who asked, laughed, hugged friends, fans and gallery peeps, and was clearly marvelling at the percolating going on around Wonderland.

With several artists work being shown I asked how she decided who's art would grace the walls of Wonderland. After a moment for thought; "I like to look for exceptional and underated artists. I really enjoy reaching out to young artists" Von D replied.

The artists selected have shown a true bounty of imagination including pieces ranging from paintings, photography to found art, carvings and beyond. Well worth a visit, or roadtrip to take this collection in.

Kat truly thrives on seeing young people becoming "more inspired." She's very positive and derives much of her motivation from other people, who in different ways inspire her. Young people. Positive people. All people.

One way she connects is online, through Twitter and Facebook. She relishes the realtime feedback from her friends and fans.

Lately while flying, waiting in airports, and moments in between, Kat has been sketching eyes from photos made and sent to her by her Twitter followers. Send a photo, get a sketch of your eye back! Kat Von D! Kind of a social-media-optical-photo-sketch-booth.

She was extremely gracious, a real pleasure to talk to and spend a little time with.
"Could you hear at least half of what I said over the crowd?" Kat asked. I admitted only about half got through. The house was rockin'!

Kat's third book is coming out soon. Booktour! She is presently working on fragrances with Sephora. A clothing line. She is tattooing like mad of course. Shoots photography. Classically trained pianist. Amazing with a sketchpad. The list goes on. Forever it seems.

I should ask her next time if there is anything artful that she doesn't do.

Many props to her and her crew as well. I felt welcomed in a very comfortable atmosphere.

Editorial: Kat Von D. Awesome.

The Artists:

Ana Bagayan, Julie Bolene, Shannon Brooke, Chiara Fersini, Minni Havas, Anna Higgie, Sylvia Ji, Alexandra Manukyan, Chantal Menard, Crystal Morey, Sonya Palencia, Cody Raiza, Cate Rangel, Corrine Reid, Camila Rocha, Nathalie Shau, Bec Winnel, Robyn Von Swank


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