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Kat Dennings sticks up for Lindsay; 'She wasn't a trainwreck'

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On March 14 E Online shares Kat Dennings' side of the story of Lindsay Lohan's appearance on the show "2 Broke Girls."

In recent reports by a blogger writing for "Crazy Days and Nights" they reported that they sat in the audience of a "2 Broke Girls" taping and Lindsay Lohan couldn't get her lines right, did several retakes, then her phone rang in the middle of taping. They claim that she was a complete train wreck and should stop acting in general.

After reading the articles that were produced from the blogger's account, Dennings took to Twitter to say that the claims are completely untrue and utter "bullsh*t." She claims that Lohan was sweet to everyone, prepared, and professional.

Another source also tells E that Lindsay has already been invited back to do another episode. Lohan played Claire Guiness, a bridezilla who enlisted Caroline and Max to make her wedding cake. The episode is set to air April 14 on CBS.

While many are out bashing Lindsay Lohan, it looks like she still has a few in her corner that are supporting her and getting back into working after what seems like finally kicking her addictions to the curb.