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Kat Alano rape case: Is DJ Mo talking about Vhong Navarro?

Kat Alano
Kat Alano
YouTube/video screenshot/New Media Factory

Just this morning, April 30, 2014, while everyone was busy searching for the latest news and updates in the Vhong Navrro-Cedric Lee case, some netizens were talking about the Kat Alano rape case. Three months ago, Kat came out and showed her support to Deniece Cornejo, who was then telling everyone that she was raped by actor-TV host Vhong Navarro in her condominium unit, but after a series of conversation with the netizens, Kat decided to calm down.

That was three months ago, today, things have changed because she is now telling everyone that she is also a rape victim. For whatever reasons, Kat is still refusing to reveal the identity of the public figure who allegedly raped her nine years ago.

The netizens are encouraging her to give the detailed information of the rapist, according to them, she should give the name of the public figure to the authorities and file a rape complaint against him if she's a victim of rape. The micro-blogging site Twitter is now flooding with tweets regarding Kat's allegation, many of them are showing their support to the actress-model.

DJ Mo Twister, one of the best DJ's in the Philippines, who is now based in New York, tweeted Kat Alano yesterday telling her that he had three callers during that day that went through what Kat also went through. "We had at least 3 callers today that either went through what you went through or had a message of support for you," DJ Mo tweeted.

Obviously, DJ Mo was talking about Kat's rape issue, but the netizens were surprised when they saw a hashtag on his tweet that almost revealed the identity of the public figure who raped Kat Alano nine years ago. He used the hashtag #RhymesWithWrong below his tweet.

For some observers, DJ Mo was obviously exposing the name of the alleged rapist. Based on their analysis, the DJ was talking about the actor-TV host Vhong Navarro who is now battling against several personalities involved in an incident that happened in a condominium unit three month ago.

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